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CAn anyone rec a good 'atlas' type book for ds1 who has suddenly become fascinated with the world and countries.

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tiredemma Sat 29-Sep-07 10:27:32

as the title says really.

For Ds1 aged 7.

any recommendations???

something with facts in as opossed to just maps

suedonim Sat 29-Sep-07 11:37:22

We have, amongst others, the Marks and Spencer Atlas of the World, which sounds to be just what you're looking for. It's endlessly fascinating, one of those 'open it at any page and learn something new' books. smile

lucykate Sat 29-Sep-07 11:49:32

i think this series of books are great, there is a geography one too. makes it fun as its pop up.

Skyler Sat 29-Sep-07 12:12:37

The Usborne one is great for facts plus maps.

tissy Sat 29-Sep-07 12:20:26

this looks good

JackieNo Sat 29-Sep-07 12:21:06

DD has The Earth from the Air for Children, which has some fab pictures, and little bits about the countries in, though it's not strictly an atlas.

Niecie Sat 29-Sep-07 12:24:04

My DS aged 7 is exactly the same. I ended up getting this one which he seems to love. It is a good mixture of maps and text. He also has a map of the world on this wall so he can have an overall view

Encyclopedia of World Geography

popsycal Sat 29-Sep-07 12:26:48

ds1 has one which is good
think the book people have it

wonder if it will be a bit young for your ds though

WendyWeber Sat 29-Sep-07 12:42:19

Has he got a globe? Globes are fab.

littlerach Sat 29-Sep-07 12:47:17

We have the Usborne one nd it is great.
Also the encyclopediea.

tiredemma Sat 29-Sep-07 12:48:07

blimy- went off to post a letter and you all replied at once.

will have a good look at some of your recs now.

totaleclipse Sat 29-Sep-07 12:49:38

My ds has the same interest, download google earth, he will lurvvvve itsmile

Niecie Sat 29-Sep-07 12:51:18

I forgot we have a globe too which is nice to use as a nightlight too sometimes.

tiredemma Sat 29-Sep-07 12:53:08

totaleclipse- No chance! Then I would be fighting to get on here!!

Think I might get him a PC for xmas, he is becoming more interested in Encyclopedia type stuff and I know that there are lots of fab CDroms out there

LilyLoo Sat 29-Sep-07 12:53:24

I got a 'gold stars' picture atlas from Asda this week for £2.96. DS 6 likes it lots if information and big maps in it.

bossybritches Sun 30-Sep-07 20:50:00

We love google earth but I have to look away if it zooms in too fast it makes me queasy!!!

wohmum Tue 02-Oct-07 23:35:51

My Picture atlas from priddy books is great - really well presented, photo's, interesting facts . perect for 6-10yr old.

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