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A non fiction book that is light (in kgs not in content!)

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PopGoesTheWeaz Wed 10-Jul-19 22:50:32

Dara O'brien has two science books that are out in paperback that he might like

imsorryiasked Sat 06-Jul-19 07:30:56

Try the DK pocket eye witness books such as this one about inventions

Ricekrispie22 Sat 06-Jul-19 07:07:11

Horrible Histories are quite light, but are probably a bit too old for him. There are Horrible Science books too if history isn’t his thing.
The I-Spy book are very small and are very informative. There are so many in the series.
Perhaps get a magazine instead of a book. The best non-fiction children’s magazines are: National Geographic Kids, Horrible Histories, Owl and Discovery Box.
I’d also recommend the Little Scientists Big Questions collection.

onesparesecond Fri 05-Jul-19 13:10:39

You are quite right. But I'm a little old fashioned!

BlueChampagne Fri 05-Jul-19 12:55:37

I think this is where Kindles and the like come into their own.

onesparesecond Fri 05-Jul-19 12:30:13

DS is 7 and loves non fiction. He loves learning about anything and everything and telling us all about it. I'd like to get him a good one for our summer holidays but they are usually very heavy! Does anyone know of a good paperback one?

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