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Children's books about difficult topics.

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JMarie1 Fri 24-May-19 11:23:23

I wondered if anyone could spare a few minutes to answer some questions as part of my Major Project for my MA in Publishing Media course.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to aid my research project in understanding the appropriate strategies and techniques when communicating with children who are facing challenging and difficult circumstances. This research will consequently aid the design and communication decisions of the book that I am creating, which will specifically target young children (5-7) coping with their parent/guardian facing breast cancer. In short - I am creating a children's book about breast cancer.

I understand that this is a difficult subject matter and would only advise individuals who are comfortable answering questions about this. It would be useful to gain any response of anyone with young children or have dealt with this kind of experience - don't feel like you have to be an expert (but if you know any please let me know!), it's just useful to understand other peoples perspectives in my research part of my project. Thank you! smile

The link is below for the google docs form:

Nat6999 Sun 26-May-19 00:35:53

When my ex husband was diagnosed with MS we were given an excellent children's book explaining about the disease that we used once DS was old enough to ask questions. It explained in simple terms what the disease was & how it affected the dad in the book. It explained that he might sometimes be tired or in pain, may find walking difficult or be clumsy, but he would still be dad.

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