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Chapter book 7 year old boy

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postrm Sun 05-May-19 20:25:56

I’ve been looking for some chapter books to read for my 7 year old son. The first couple of books I purchase were rabbit and bear which got sent back as it was about eating poo hmm and football academy series, which was ok but they gradually got worse and I wasn’t comfortable with some of the stuff that was going off, bullying, picking on polish people and talk about a fear of flying, plane crashing down etc angry

The latest book I read was the deerhound and this was a nice book. I’d like something more along this sort of story, would welcome any suggestions

BikeRunSki Sun 05-May-19 20:27:51

Are these for you to read to him, or him to read for himself?

Have you read the Roald Dahl books?

postrm Sun 05-May-19 20:29:08

To read to him yes, I’d also prefer some pictures on the pages.

I read roald Dahl when I was younger and enjoyed them myself, just not sure he’s ready for them. There’s a lot of talk of things being killed in fantastic mr fox for example

MrsPnut Sun 05-May-19 20:30:35

The Bolds by Julian Clary, funny stories and lots of drawings and jokes on the pages make it not as intimidating as whole walls of text.

BikeRunSki Sun 05-May-19 20:31:56

The 13 Storey Treehouse series
Diary of a Wimpy Kid series

MarthasGinYard Sun 05-May-19 20:31:58

Dd loved the Flat Stanley series of books.

The box set often on offer with TBP

StitchesInTime Sun 05-May-19 20:33:53

I’ve never heard of The Deerhound I’m afraid.

But my 7yr old DS & I are currently reading The 13 Storey Treehouse series of books by Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton. They’ve got lots of pictures in them and lots of humour that appeals to my DS.

Iggly Sun 05-May-19 20:33:54

Try the Rascal series - it’s about a dog called rascal making his way home.

Iggly Sun 05-May-19 20:36:13

these books

BettyStogs Sun 05-May-19 20:36:21

My 7 year old loves the Mr Gum series, some we read to him, some he reads himself, very silly and funnyman

ponygirlcurtis Sun 05-May-19 20:37:27

I know what you mean, my DS got really upset when I read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the bit where the Bucket family are starting to starve and he didn't want to carry on with it. Danny Champion of the World was ok though.

DS got the How to Train Your Dragon box set for Christmas and we have been working our way through them. Mild peril, funny, lots of pictures. Entirely different setup to the film's/series but still really enjoyable for both of us (I am enjoying reading them!).

delilabell Sun 05-May-19 20:38:00

Claude. He's hilarious. (for me and ds!)

SushiGo Sun 05-May-19 20:40:41

Try Pamela Butchart books, wigglesbottom primary series, or the phantom lollipop man series (don't know what that one is called)

Swallows and amazons also went down well recently.

EggplantVestibule Sun 05-May-19 20:47:02

My DS loves the Jeremy strong series My Brother's Famous Bottom. They are very funny, we can usually hear DS in hysterics reading them to himself.

postrm Sun 05-May-19 20:50:06

Are any of these free of violence? He has a tendency to overthink things sad
Treehouse series is this more of a comic style book?

MarthasGinYard Sun 05-May-19 20:55:41

Yes, don't believe Flat Stanley advocates

parrotonmyshoulder Sun 05-May-19 20:58:23

Treehouse series goes down well with my 7 year old. James and the Giant Peach and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are good.
Mine also loves listening to Enid Blyton stories - Faraway Tree, Wishing Chair, Farm stories.
Not high literature, any of it.

ElizabethinherGermanGarden Sun 05-May-19 21:01:22

Try some of the thinner Dick King Smiths. The Fox Busters and The Sheep Pig are both great, but there are loads of other lovely ones. I like The Water Horse, which is a magical one.

parrotonmyshoulder Sun 05-May-19 21:01:58

My 7 year old also still loves all his picture books as bedtime stories. We don’t need to push them on to chapter books. I can tell his moods and needs by the books he chooses. If it’s been a hard day, he chooses much ‘younger’ books. It’s been SATS I think this week - I’ve read Charlie and Lola on repeat!
I’ve just remembered Winnie the Witch though - they are chapter books with lots of pictures. He likes them.

SushiGo Mon 06-May-19 06:26:21

Dave the pigeon

Iggly Mon 06-May-19 06:27:40

Its a bit hard to avoid mild violence - for example Rascal has some mild peril from memory - getting into fights with other dogs etc.

My dd, who’s 7, likes to ask a lot of questions about death and gets worried about things bad happening but we spend a lot of time answering her questions and reassuring her. This helps her to feel better.

Iggly Mon 06-May-19 06:28:24

Yes to famous five - my ds went through all of them!

PomBearWithAnOFRS Tue 07-May-19 04:12:16

The Faraway Tree series and the Wishing Chair ones are nice.

FixItUpChappie Tue 07-May-19 04:38:58

I read the first few Narnia books to my 6 and 8yr old boys - they have really enjoyed them. Another huge hit were the Nim's Island Books by Wendy Orr. We are currently reading Little House on the Prairie and they are enjoying all the log cabin making, wolves and such.

In terms of Ronald Dahl - James and the Giant Peach is a great option and perfect for this age range IMO.

The My Fathers Dragon books are quite a nice intro to chapter books as well.

FixItUpChappie Tue 07-May-19 04:45:18

Well scratch the Narnia books if you are looking for no violence - that isn't a good suggestion on my part. The other suggestions I made stand to your criteria I think smile

The Treehouse books are pretty gentle and there are lots of interesting topics.

The Worst Witch books are a nice option. the boys are still young enough not to be too fussed if there's a female protagonist.

I agree though - no particular need to rush. I still read a wide variety of picture books to mine in addition to chapter books.

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