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Audbodlog Mon 15-Apr-19 17:17:54

Any suggestions of what I can do with a large amount of kids books, the charity shops don't really want them is there anywhere I can donate them

SardineJam Mon 15-Apr-19 17:19:50

Schools! I often donate my books to my children's school and they are always very grateful!

PomBearWithAnOFRS Thu 18-Apr-19 06:15:42

Are they modern or old?
If any of them are vintage - ie 70s or earlier - you need to check in case you have something rare/collectable in there.
It was only when I wanted to replace some of my much loved childhood favourites that I realised how much some of them were worth because they've gone out of print...

BikeRunSki Thu 18-Apr-19 06:18:21


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