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Books with a Springtime/Eastery theme?

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Whathappenedtothelego Thu 04-Apr-19 12:56:50

Looking for recommendations for books to complement chocolate eggs for Egg hunt prizes.

Something ideally set in the Spring, or about chocolate/sweets, rabbits, lambs etc.

Recipients are 11 - average-good reader, likes quite gentle stories without too much peril or violence. Has recently enjoyed Chronicles of Narnia; Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

7 - very proficient reader, can cope with quite complicated texts but equally enjoys stories aimed at the 7 year old age range too.
Last books read were Morigan Crow Nevermoor, Kasper, prince of cats and the Magic Faraway Tree.

4 year old - can't read yet, loves Julia Donaldson and Allan Ahlberg, loves animal stories.

Considering The Royal Rabbits of London for 7 year old (or maybe 11 year old, not sure).

Would love more ideas.

Ricekrispie22 Thu 04-Apr-19 16:23:36

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
The Chocolate Factory Ghost by David O Connel
The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart

Springtime Stories by Enid Blyton
Bunny Trouble by Jennifer Gray
Daisy and The Trouble with Chocolate by Kes Gray
Bramble and the Easter Egg by Georgie Adams

Santa Claus vs The Easter Bunny by Fred Blunt
Mr Impossible and the Easter Egg Hunt
We’re Going on an Egg Hunt by Laura Hughes

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