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Chapter Books for a 5 Year Old - To be read by me.

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Elflocks Sat 16-Mar-19 11:54:19

Looking for books I can read to my 5 year old. I think they are a bit on the sensitive side. We have both enjoyed The Jamie and Angus Stories by Anne Fine, and I have bought a Milly-Molly-Mandy book to try.

Any suggestions would be great. flowers

Madratlady Sat 16-Mar-19 11:59:43

We’ve read the faraway tree, the wishing chair, flat Stanley, Winnie the Pooh, the BFG, some of the Sophie books by Dick King Smith.

Ricekrispie22 Sat 16-Mar-19 18:12:57

Paddington Bear
My Naughty Little Sister
Mudpuddle Farm
Takes of Brambly Hedge
The Adventures of Pug
Pippi Longstocking
Mrs Pepperpot
Anna Hibiscus
Marge in Charge
Teddy Robinson
Mummy Fairy

PeachPotato Sat 16-Mar-19 18:39:54

Seconding the Teddy Robinson suggestion x

leeloo1 Sat 16-Mar-19 20:13:23

Clever Polly and the stupid wolf
Worst witch
Definitely naughty little sister books

PhannyMcNee Sat 16-Mar-19 20:15:24

Hairy Mclairy and Katie Morag.
I found all the Roald Dahl books lovely to read aloud but may be a bit too old still?

Elflocks Sun 17-Mar-19 12:38:18

Thanks for the suggestions. flowers

Leeds2 Sun 17-Mar-19 18:08:46

Iggy & Me books are a modern day equivalent of My Naughty Little Sister. By Jenny Valentine.
Daisy And The Trouble With ........ books by Kes Gray.
Anna Hibiscus books.

Hiddeninplainsight Sun 17-Mar-19 22:50:48

I love the Anna Hibiscus books!! They are truly great.

BlueChampagne Mon 18-Mar-19 13:08:46

The Adventures of Algy

Elflocks Wed 20-Mar-19 21:34:01

Thanks everyone smile flowers

cucumbergin Wed 20-Mar-19 21:35:57

DS found Gobbolino a bit too scary - we thought he'd love it as it was about a cat, but there was a bit too much peril for him so he refused to listen to it.

iwantavuvezela Wed 20-Mar-19 21:36:39

These Claude books are great fun, easy to read, and when your daughter feels able later on can be read by them as well

flitwit99 Wed 20-Mar-19 21:40:39

Another recommendation for my naughty little sister. Ds really enjoyed a chapter book called Tilly Mint Tales recently. Slightly magical and really good fun. Nothing scary at all.

Silkyanduna Wed 20-Mar-19 21:41:30

I love milly molly Mandy. Even now if I get asked my favourite book I say this 😳

AlecOrAlonzo Wed 20-Mar-19 21:45:01

The House that Sailed Away by Pat Hutchins

Mr Cleghorn's Seal by Judith Kerr

Both gone down a treat with my dd.

ineedaholidaynow Wed 20-Mar-19 21:46:30

The Wombles

Elflocks Wed 20-Mar-19 21:57:08

Lovely smile

dolphin50 Thu 21-Mar-19 18:25:57

AA Milne - Winnie the pooh, now we are six
Peter pan by caryl Hart rhyme adaptation - my 5 year old nephew loves this picture book with the rhyming.
Picture books from Shirley Hughes, Judith Kerr, Raymond briggs, Dr Seuss and Emma chichester clarke
Fairytales - Hansel and Gretel, Jack and the beanstalk, Goldilocks and the three bears, The elves and the shoemaker, Cinderella, A little mermaid, Beauty and the beast, Rapunzel, The snow queen, Little red riding hood, Snow white, Pinocchio, Sleeping beauty, Puss in boots, Rumpelstiltskin, Thumbelina, The ugly duckling, The philosophers stone, The frog prince and Three billy goats gruff
Enid Blyton - Noddy, The wishing chair series, Summer stories, Animal stories and the magic faraway tree series
Roald Dahl - The giraffe, the pelly and me, The magic finger, The twits and Fantastic Mr Fox
Jacqueline Wilson - The monster story teller, The dinosaurs packed lunch, Lizzie zipmouth and Video Rose
Michael Morpurgo - The silver swan, The rainbow bear, Wombat goes walkabout, The gentle giant, Dolphin boy, This morning I met a whale, Little albatross, Its a dogs life, Homecoming, On angel wings, All I said was, Stories from mudpuddle farm, Jojo the melon donkey, The sandman and the turtles, Where my wellies take me, Mr skip, Beowulf, The nine lives of montezuma and The dancing bear
Harry potter and the philosophers stone and chamber of secrets picture books
The magic treehouse series
Sophie in the saddle by Dick king smith
The polar express and picture books of stories like Alice in wonderland, The lion, the witch and the wardrobe and The secret garden
Just so stories by Rudyard Kipling and a Jungle book picture book
A childs first bible with pictures or a childs story of greek myths
Beatrix potter

I hope this is helpful

Elflocks Fri 22-Mar-19 15:57:13

That's brilliant, dolphin50! That must have taken you ages to post all that. Thank you. flowers

DialANumber Tue 26-Mar-19 21:20:16

Flat Stanley, Paddington, The Faraway Tree, Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam, Jill Tomlinson books, and one I can't remember the name of...

A word of warning about Milly Milly Mandy - I absolutely loved it as a child, but when reading it to my dc found I had to explain or skip over some bits as there's some attitudes towards women etc that made me feel uncomfortable with modern eyes.

DialANumber Tue 26-Mar-19 21:25:03

Arabel's Raven!

Elflocks Fri 29-Mar-19 19:52:22

flowers Thank you

PhilODox Fri 29-Mar-19 19:56:04

Dixie O'Day series by Shirley Hughes and Clair Vuillamy
Claude series by Alex T. Smith
Oliver and the Seawigs by Philip Reeve and ???someone (sorry! Sarah something)
Lotta series by Astrid Lindgren

PhilODox Fri 29-Mar-19 19:56:56

Oh and Jolly Rogers by Johnny Duddle

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