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What did your child read after Diary of a Wimpy Kid and/or the Secret Kingdom series?

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dameofdilemma Tue 12-Mar-19 14:26:38

Dd (nearly 7) has loved both the above.
Also liked the Worst Witch books, Magic Faraway tree, Penny Dreadful and Roald Dahl.
And Mrs Pepperpot (my personal favourite).

David Walliams and Michael Morpurgo (sp?) less of a hit apparently.

Am trying to steer her away from Jacqueline Wilson (MiL unknowingly bought dd the set and the themes are way too old in most...).

Any recs?

Ironfloor269 Tue 12-Mar-19 14:33:24

My DD (8) is into Lemony Snicket books. She loves a bit of gothic fantasy. Also, Philip Pullman, Tom Gates (forget the author's name), David Baddiel, The Chronicles of Narnia series.

twinkletoedelephant Tue 12-Mar-19 14:34:03

Has she tried the fairy books, dd found them easy reads and loved that she could read a whole book easily I loved the fact they are dirt cheap and could be picked up at charity shops and car boots.... there are about a million of them

dameofdilemma Tue 12-Mar-19 15:43:52

twinkle - is that the Rainbow fairy series? Dd did go through a phase of liking those but has now decided its basically the same story in every book grin

Ironfloor - I think the Narnia books will be a bit too scary for dd. Too many witches/ghosts/monsters type stuff puts her imagination in overdrive.

BlueChampagne Wed 13-Mar-19 12:43:03

Sophie and the Shadow Woods
Dick King-Smith Sophie books

WinterHeatWave Wed 13-Mar-19 12:50:24

Maybe not quite yet, but the Warrior series, by Erin Hunter.
13 story treehouse.
Wings of fire series is being devoured by 7 and 9 yr olds currently.

dameofdilemma Wed 13-Mar-19 13:34:05

We've tried both 13 Story and Dick KS but dd was a bit meh.

Will give some of the other recs a go from the library, its so hard to predict what might be a hit.

BlueChampagne Thu 14-Mar-19 12:23:54

Agree - let her loose in the library and see what she comes up with. Maybe chat to a friendly librarian.

LetItGoToRuin Thu 28-Mar-19 12:44:05

Jeremy Strong has written a lot of very funny books suitable for that age.

BlueChampagne Thu 28-Mar-19 12:49:00

Dork Diaries might appeal.

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