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Irish Folktale Recommendations (Conchobar)

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ConorsMom Fri 01-Mar-19 19:02:53

I'm looking to buy a book of
Irish folktales for children that includes the tale of Conchobar mac Nessa.

We aren't Irish but my husband's side is of Irish heritage and our sons name is Conor.

I thought it would be lovely for him to know the legend behind his name.

There are plenty of Irish folktale books on Amazon but it's difficult to see what stories these actually include.

Any ideas?

villainousbroodmare Fri 01-Mar-19 19:05:35

Eddie Lenihan is a pretty renowned storyteller. I'd say have a look at his collections. It's Conchubhar btw, nearly right! grin

villainousbroodmare Fri 01-Mar-19 19:06:32

(pronounced Cruh HOOR)

ConorsMom Fri 01-Mar-19 19:07:15

Whoops! Thanks, I will have a look grin

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