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Manga for 10yr old

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opinionatedfreak Mon 18-Feb-19 21:34:58

I want to buy a geeky avid reader some manga. He might hate it but used to love asterix/ tintin.

I read masses but never managed to get into graphic novels and don't want to buy something age inappropriate.

Tried to enlist friend's teens to help but got a bit worried by the "dunno it might be a bit violent" comments...

bookmum08 Mon 18-Feb-19 21:47:36

Most Manga books have ratings - usually All Ages, Teen, Older Teen and Adult. My daughter is 10 and I let her read Teen ones but not Older Teen. The most popular at that age seem to be ones like Pokemon, Zelda, Yu Gi Oh etc. They are probably the best to start with to get used to reading back to front (takes a while to get the hang of it). Libraries usually have loads of these.
My daughter's (and friends) current favourites are ones called Your Name, Fairytale, Fruit Basket.

bookmum08 Mon 18-Feb-19 21:52:40

Or if you just want graphic novels (rather than Manga which is the read back to front Japanese) there are excellent ones avalible. Some are Graphic Novel versions of popular books like Alex Rider series, others are original stories. There is a writer called Raina Teinmiger (possibly spelt wrong sorry) Who has several award winning books including Smile, Sisters and Ghosts.

opinionatedfreak Wed 20-Feb-19 00:28:13

Thanks for suggestions. I'm going to venture to a real live bookshop!!

nocutsnobuttsnococonuts Wed 20-Feb-19 08:13:53

My daughter is 10 she's read a few manga ones - Pokemon and Zelda as she's played the games.

Graphic novel wise she loves adventure time, the northern lights trilogy, Simpsons ones, Hilda the troll.

If he likes drawing I got her a few books on drawing manga and kawaii which she likes. And the notebooks that blank comic strips.

rightreckoner Wed 20-Feb-19 08:18:51

It’s not manga afaik but ds is a big fan of the Amulet series of graphic novels by Kazu Kibuishu

WoogleCone Wed 20-Feb-19 08:24:52

A lot of manga is quite sexualised so there are ratings as a pp said. There are however a few sports based ones that are more appropriate, Haikyuu! (Volleyball) and Kuroko's Basketball would be two good places to start.
Black Butler is a good one about Victorian London, it can be quite dark though with an underworld and a bit of murder thrown in so maybe take a look at that one yourself first if you think they could handle it!
Bleach is the classic good Vs evil, fantasy violence (big swords etc without being gratuitous).
Hope that helps smile

opinionatedfreak Sun 03-Mar-19 23:40:46

I bought Onepiece volume 1 and mortal engines (not graphic or manga) both went down well...

PopGoesTheWeaz Mon 04-Mar-19 13:33:41

Another vote for the Amulet series. The writer has another series as well - can't remember off the top of my head.

Mine have also read the Avatar and Legend of Kora books which are based on the TV series but are quite good in their own right.

These are all suitable for pre-teens - actual manga I'd be hesitant due to dubious content.

My boys also like Raina Teinmiger as well as Marvel comic books books many of which are now released as books rather than weekly mags. Just be careful as most are written for adults but some (like squirrel girl) are prefect for that age.

PopGoesTheWeaz Mon 04-Mar-19 13:34:25

There are graphic novel versions of some popular books now too - like Mortal engines and Percy Jackson

Karlwho Tue 21-May-19 16:54:52

I grew up reading Manga. Not all manga is sexualised. Massive misconception, and I wouldn't recommend Black Butler for a 10 year old, mainly because of the themes that will come up later in the series.
If you want to stick to something wholesome, I would 10000000% recommend Yotsuba&! I love it (31yo), kiddos love it (7&8 year olds) and have grown up reading it.
Well done on buying One Piece! It's absolutely BRILLIANT, and if the lucky person you're buying it for likes it, there's still another 80+ books in the series!
Naruto is also a good one if you don't mind a bit of cartoony violence and silliness (nothing more th an what you'd see in a Marvel film).
Dragonball & Pokemon Adventures are good, and also Mob Psycho 100.
My Hero Academia, One Punch Man are great too.

Teddybear45 Tue 21-May-19 16:58:56

Manga has ratings yes but even the ones aimed at young kids aren’t always very progressive. I suggest starting him with the new spiderman comic and going from there.

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