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Soccer related books for 8 year old

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Crazycrazylady Sat 26-Jan-19 14:23:07

Anyone know of some good soccer related books that would be good for an eight year old. He's a reluctant reader so I'm hoping that they might help 🤞

GherkinsOnToast Sat 26-Jan-19 14:24:48

Frankies Magical Football books are loved by my football mad 8year old

LadyMonicaBaddingham Sat 26-Jan-19 14:45:44

As well as the aforementioned Frankie Magic Football books, I'd suggest 'Cinderboy' by Laurence Anholt and 'The boy with the lightning feet' by Sally Gardiner. Both very suitable for KS1

Starlight456 Sat 26-Jan-19 14:46:33

Jamie Johnson . My son read the series.

Lara53 Sat 26-Jan-19 16:36:18

Tom Palmer is a Dyslexic author who has written a series about football. Also Frank Lampards series

Crazycrazylady Sat 26-Jan-19 19:37:36

Thanks guys. I've just filled my amazon basket🙏

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