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What age did you get rid of the kids classics?

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PinotAndPlaydough Thu 24-Jan-19 14:48:56

We need to have a book cull sad my daughters are 7 and 5 both advanced readers who are now on chapter books and get through a lot of books.
We still have all the old classic books like Julia Donaldson, burglar bill, the owl who was afraid of the dark, hand’s surpise, the large family books. They haven’t really looked at these books in the last 6 months but I don’t want to get rid because they are so lovely and hold so many memories.
There are definitely some that I can let go of but do you think I should hold on to some incase they want to read them again (if I asked the kids opinion they would keep them all, but we don’t have room!).

StitchingMoss Thu 24-Jan-19 14:50:09

I put some favourites aside for the grandchildren and then purged the rest smile.

Kids were probably 6 & 7?

FlamingJuno Thu 24-Jan-19 14:53:16

Looks furtively at bookshelves containing a large number of children's books and various photographs of said children getting married, christening baby, climbing mountains...
Maybe need a cull wink confused.

Daisiesinavase Thu 24-Jan-19 14:55:39

Keeping them for any potential grandchildren.

Witchend Fri 25-Jan-19 12:41:46

get rid + books …. no doesn't compute

Just get another bookshelf.

BlueChampagne Fri 25-Jan-19 13:00:35

Kept favourites, rest donated to school library. Continual process!

CountFosco Fri 01-Feb-19 17:30:00

My youngest is 6 so we still have all the books. I was the eldest of 4 so continued reading picture books for years. But we have a large playroom with a wall of books so it's easy to say don't get rid.

Cull out the crap and see where you're at. I think with a 5 year old still I'd be reluctant to get rid of all the picture books. DD1 was a good reader early on but she still reads and enjoys picturebooks with her brother at 11. They need easy comfort reading alongside the more challenging books.

PomBearWithAnOFRS Sat 09-Feb-19 02:20:17

Put them in a box away somewhere. If they don't ask where they went within six weeks, bin them.

FenellaMaxwell Sat 09-Feb-19 02:40:15

Never. DS and I read ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ last night. It’s the same copy my grandmother read to me.

Jessicabrassica Sat 09-Feb-19 07:27:59

7yo still reads books like this. He's also reading Harry Potter. He especially likes his old books when he's tired or poorly. I'd hang on to them. Our kids have sorted out some of their books that they no longer want and unless dh and I are particularly attached to them we've let them go. Kids have inherited a load of books from us - and some from their grandparents too.

SwimmingJustKeepSwimming Sat 09-Feb-19 07:30:46

Weve kept favourites and julia donaldson and charity shopped the rest.

We dont have room for their current books otherwise. And we're fairly hot at passing things on so others can use them.

Ktay Sat 09-Feb-19 07:36:06

I had a revelation yesterday while sorting out (just-) 7yo DD2’s bookshelf: if she feels she’s missing anything we can go and borrow the library’s copy! So obvious with hindsight, and of course depends on having a library nearby, but I’d been hanging on to so many books just in case.

I was especially delighted to bin (charity shop) the Horrid Henry boxset that DD1 made me read several times over - hopefully her sister won’t go through a similar phase...

SwimmingJustKeepSwimming Sat 09-Feb-19 07:38:00

I had that revelation about adult fiction and passed on most of mine as I dont reread. Ive still got a few bookshelves but not the boxes and boxes I used to have!

landoflostcontent Sat 09-Feb-19 07:40:29

I have spent half a lifetime tracking down and replacing my childhood favourites that were culled sad And have added some of my children and grandchildren's favourites grin Think I need more bookshelves...

Megan2018 Sat 09-Feb-19 07:40:52

I am 40, I have all the books I had as a child in the loft! My mum gave them to me when I first moved out. I keep all books, keep them if you can for your potential grandchildren. Your kids will appreciate it.

SwimmingJustKeepSwimming Sat 09-Feb-19 07:45:19

But theyre in the loft!!!

I think it was when i realised they were in boxes/in a loft and it was better if they were being used that I passed mine a lot on, just keeping some favourites to share in the future.

My kids have had a few of my old books but have mainly wanted current books!

ApolloandDaphne Sat 09-Feb-19 07:50:38

My DDs are adults now but we have a box of the old favourites in the attic. Harry Potter will never go in the attic though!

Alltheprettyseahorses Sat 09-Feb-19 08:25:34

I'm happy for them to stay on the shelves myself. Books like Peepo and Shirley Hughes' The Nursery Collection are beautiful in their own right, even outside their 'baby' context, so they're more than welcome to stay.

wasabiaddiction Sat 09-Feb-19 08:31:50

Like others. Kept favourites and gave away the rest as a continuius process.

I find that if there are too many on the shelves, it’s hard to focus on what to read next. So I try and keep the emphasis on the favourites and the new ones.

spinabifidamom Sat 09-Feb-19 23:07:04

Never. My mom still keeps a few of my childhood books in a big old chest in her flat. Some of them have been donated to charity shops in the area and we have given away some old books to family members and friends as well. DS and DD have recently gotten some old books at Christmas from my mom and dad too.

DrWhy Sat 09-Feb-19 23:12:16

My mum never did with lots of mine so I’m reading DS Peepo and Look Out Duggy Dog - I do wish she’d ‘lost’ the bloody Moonbird books though! Thanks

DrWhy Sat 09-Feb-19 23:13:30

Oops, the thanks was an accidental touch of the iPhone predictive text while posting!

imip Sat 09-Feb-19 23:27:20

I’m keeping a very core set - especially as some are boardbooks from my home country so hope they will be good for grandkids. They are sitting aside ready to go into loft, just not sure how I’m going to store them!

Dd4 turned 7 last month and is reading chapter books, but I know that she will probably focus on authors this year and they look at julia Donaldson. So I will keep classics TIL end y2!

I work in a school and will take others to EY classes.

babysharkah Sat 09-Feb-19 23:52:40

My 8 yo twins still go back to their Julia Donaldson's and lucky Wish Mouse books, I think they like the security and familiarity so, on that basis, never!

Bubastes Sat 09-Feb-19 23:54:58

Chuck out the rubbish and save the good stuff in a box in the attic. What else are attics for if not to preserve such treasures!

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