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Favourite Christmas books for young children

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ToManderleyAgain Tue 04-Dec-18 21:08:52

We have a small collection of Christmas themed story books which have just come down from the loft again. My absolute favourite is Shirley Hughes’s Lucy and Tom, which makes me all misty eyed and nostalgic every time I read it. We also have the Christmas Eve Tree (Delia Huddy), The Night Before Christmas (Clement Moore), The Snowman (Raymond Briggs) and assorted winter tales.

I’d like to buy a few more Christmas stories to read to DS (4) - can anyone recommend me their favourites please? Thank you!

parrotonmyshoulder Tue 04-Dec-18 21:14:46

Belle and Boo’s Christmas is lovely.
There are some Christmas Kipper books too (Mick Inkpen), and you must get The Jolly Christmas Postman.

1400spincycle Tue 04-Dec-18 21:16:16

Harvey Schlumpfenburger’s Christmas present by John Burlingham.

flipflop67 Tue 04-Dec-18 21:23:20

Dream snow by Eric Carle

TheLittleFoxes Tue 04-Dec-18 21:25:14

Little Rabbit's Christmas by Harry Horse

marmaladecats Tue 04-Dec-18 21:30:07

Same, we got ours down from the attic on Saturday. By far and away the fave this Christmas and last was Oliver Elephant. It’s lovely. He also loves Maisy’s Christmas Presents from a couple of years ago, it’s pop up etc and good if you have a younger one too. We’ve also got Shirley Hughes Alfie’s Christmas and Lucy and Tom is in the new pile I’ve bought for this year.

UrbaneSprawl Wed 05-Dec-18 16:23:18

In our house we like:
Ezra Jack Keats - 'The Snowy Day'
Judith Kerr - 'Mog's Christmas' (especially as our Christmas usually involves the arrival of my son's own Jolly Uncles)
Diana Hendry - 'Christmas in Exeter Street'
Astrid Lindgren - 'The Tomten'
Susan Hill - 'Can It Be True?'

ToManderleyAgain Wed 05-Dec-18 20:30:16

Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions, I’m looking these up now and will order a few to add to our collection!

Cornishblues Wed 12-Dec-18 21:05:24

Love getting the Christmas books out! We enjoy dick bruna’s Christmas book, Brian wildsmith’s Christmas story and the more recent 12 days of Christmas by Anna wright. Also a ‘twas the night before Christmas that was a gift from a toddler group Santa and is the kids’ number one favourite.

flowerycurtain Wed 12-Dec-18 21:10:45

Another fab of Alfie's Christmas here. I love it.

TheRescuer Thu 13-Dec-18 12:31:15

Hi hope this is ok to post. I have just put my first children's book onto the web. It will be free to download for a week , possibly longer then it will be on kindle. It has a Christmas them and is traditional (no smash and bash) If you search on smashwords ; The Rescuer Julie Owen you can download it, free. Would love any feed back Many thanks

BrightonBB Wed 19-Dec-18 23:13:25

Someone on another thread recommended ‘How Winston delivered Christmas’. It has 24 short chapters for each day in December along with craft ideas and things to do. It is a really lovely book. Too late to enjoy for this year but one to bag ready for next year - I always pack Christmas books away with the decorations so I can find them!
It was also recommended cheapest at an online website called Hive and that’s where I got our copy. The Hive website supports local booksellers but gives free delivery so I felt better ordering from there than Amazon.

Janine42 Fri 21-Dec-18 13:17:58

Currently reading my Dd the first Hunger Games book seems to like it - janine xox

Creatureofthenight Fri 21-Dec-18 13:19:20

The Jolly Christmas Postman!

yumscrumfatbum Fri 21-Dec-18 13:20:49

Raymond Briggs" Father Christmas", a Christmas tradition in our house

MadameJosephine Fri 21-Dec-18 13:26:25

Definitely get The Jolly Christmas Postman, it’s wonderful. DD is 6 and we’ve been reading it for years and she still loves it

She also loves this one

TheRescuer Fri 21-Dec-18 14:17:49

Hi My book has just been release either on Amazon or Free on Smashwords just search : The Rescuer Julie Owen.
I didn't intend it specifically as a Christmas book but lots of people are using it to read with their children at this time of year....hope you like it here is a review and it really is genuine its on Amazon....

"This is good bedtime story stuff - a magical world of talking animals undergirded by positive values. Comparisons with CS Lewis books come to mind, but 'Out of the Silent Planet" as much as the Narnia tales, though it is less complicated than either of these. I'd buy the second instalment when it comes out."
The smashword edition can be downloaded on any machine

rightreckoner Fri 21-Dec-18 17:23:27

Love Ezra Jack Keats - mine are too old for it now but I had to keep hold of our copy of Snowy Day - I just couldn't let it go.

Also Mr Willoughby's Christmas Tree is nice.

GETTINGLIKEMYMOTHER Fri 21-Dec-18 19:02:47

I've recently bought 'Room For A Little One' for little Gdcs. Nativity based, but mostly about all the animals sheltering in the stable - truly beautiful illustrations, I love it.

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