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If my 12 year old likes...

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Shybi Wed 28-Nov-18 13:10:30

The Hunger Games, northern lights trilogy, harry potter, the hobbit, miss peregrine...

What else might she like??

She reads loads and would read most things but if like to get something great.

CMOTDibbler Wed 28-Nov-18 13:20:01

Anything by Terry Pratchett. Mortal Engines by Phillip Reeve

BeepBop Wed 28-Nov-18 13:23:08

The Gone series by Michael Grant. My DD11 had half her class reading the books.
Also The Darkest Minds series.

movehimintothesun Wed 28-Nov-18 13:31:08

The 'Monument 14' trilogy by Emmy Laybourne.

'The Land of stories' series by Chris Colfer (yes, Kurt from Glee!) - not what it might first appear, my 12yr old loved them.

Shybi Wed 28-Nov-18 15:39:20

Thanks for these ideas. I'm going with the gone series 😁

RedSkyLastNight Wed 28-Nov-18 15:47:00

I found the Gone series incredibly disturbing. Really not sure I'd recommend them for a 12 year old - and I'd certainly dissuade my own 12 year old from reading them (they get progressively worse as you go through IMO)

Witchend Wed 28-Nov-18 15:51:08

Cherub series?

Screaminginsidemeagain Wed 28-Nov-18 15:55:16

Murder most unladylike
Ruby Redfort
Alex rider

Iwantplaits Wed 28-Nov-18 16:00:01

Cherub by Robert Muchamore

UrbaneSprawl Thu 29-Nov-18 12:00:16

"Song of the Lioness" quartet by Tamora Pierce (first two books recently reprinted in a single volume)
"The Magicians' Guild" and its sequels by Trudi Canavan

SamStephens Thu 29-Nov-18 12:01:30

Anything by Raymond E Feist - “Magician” especially is a good read

BeepBop Thu 29-Nov-18 12:02:35

@RedSkyLastNight, the series is no more disturbing the The Hunger Games.

BlueChampagne Thu 29-Nov-18 12:29:55

A Series of Unfortunate Events if she hasn't already read it.
Wolves series by Joan Aitken
A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K Le Guin

RedSkyLastNight Thu 29-Nov-18 14:27:11

[Gone] the series is no more disturbing the The Hunger Games.

I totally disagree. It is much more adult and much darker. It contains a number of very adult themes as well. The first book, or couple of books are not too bad but they get progressively worse as the series go on.

My DC read the Hunger Games at 10; there is no way these books are suitable for a 10 year old.

bonbonours Thu 29-Nov-18 14:38:51

Mine loves the Anthony Horowitz books especially the diamond brothers (first book is called the falcons malteser ) for something light hearted, and the Malorie Blackman Noughts and Crosses series. Quite heavy subject matter but she loves it. Both have reasonably priced box sets on book people at the moment.

juneau Tue 04-Dec-18 17:51:30

So many teen/young adult books these days have really dark subject matter! I remember reading Virginia Andrews at that age, which I guess is dark, but some of this dystopian/sci fi stuff strikes me as very scary. Why so much of it? I was in Waterstones today looking at books for my 13 year old niece and came away with nothing, because it all looked so grim.

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