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Adventure books for boys

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Mariama90 Mon 12-Nov-18 19:49:52

My son has recently got into reading the Biggles books of all things! I’m not a fan, but hey we live in a democracy! Can anyone recommend similarly adventurous heroic stories, that maybe are not quite so gung ho or war centric?

Witchend Tue 13-Nov-18 17:58:16

Ds loves Biggles too. (he's 11yo)

Similar heroic stories that he's enjoyed over the last few years include:
Lone Piners
Cue for Treason
Players Boy/The Players and the Rebels
James Heriott
Alex Rider
Cherub/Henderson Boys (check before giving them to him depending on age)
Currently working through Marston Baines Spy Series

Mariama90 Tue 13-Nov-18 19:12:26

Wow thanks for the suggestions sounds like our lads have similar reading tastes, JamesHerriot a big favourite

ParliamentOfRavens Tue 13-Nov-18 19:21:56

The Hardy Boys? Eagle Comics?(collected as precursors to modern graphic novels).
Fwiw, if what he loves is the vintage setting, i loved Biggles at that age too (girl, but loved vintage books) and really enjoyed Jennings and Just William too. Shortly after i got into Agatha Christie short stories.

UrbaneSprawl Tue 13-Nov-18 22:17:43

The Silver Sword and I Am David are both wartime adventures without being gung ho - stories of escape across Europe.

The Sound Of Propellers by Clive King has an aeronautical theme if that’s part of the appeal.

The Eagle Of The Ninth is also great.

JosephineDupont Tue 13-Nov-18 22:29:09

Mister Midshipman Hornblower, Napoleonic wars.

cortex10 Tue 13-Nov-18 22:31:49

Two of DS's favourites when he was about 10

Ricekrispie22 Wed 14-Nov-18 05:18:28

The Explorer by Katherine Rundell
Bear Grylls Mission Survival series
Any book by Willard Price
Gorilla Dawn by Gill Lewis
Swallows and Amazons
Enid Blyton's Adventure series

Mariama90 Thu 15-Nov-18 10:50:01

Hi thanks for your input, aeronautics definitely an interest, haven’t found the sound of propellers yet but will keep looking

UrbaneSprawl Thu 15-Nov-18 12:46:24

Out of print, I think, OP - so AbeBooks or similar is your best bet.

PopGoesTheWeaz Fri 16-Nov-18 12:08:03

Tin Tin

LCHF2018 Tue 18-Dec-18 06:00:06

Willard Price - absolutely fab books

anewilliams5 Wed 19-Dec-18 14:14:25

TinTin Collection is a great choice!

Lara53 Thu 20-Dec-18 20:40:57

Young James Bond
Young Sherlock Holmes

PomBearWithoutHerOFRS Fri 18-Jan-19 00:45:08

If he likes animals then the Willard Price "Adventure" series might be good. They are dated, but exciting, and all the animal information is correct so the reader learns a lot without realising it grin
The first one is called "Amazon Adventure" and there are thirteen in all iirc

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