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13-storey Treehouse - anything similar?

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Childrenofthesun Mon 27-Aug-18 07:43:44

DD(8) is a good reader but has never been very interested in reading. She discovered the 13-storey treehouse and loved it so we got the others and she has nearly worked her way through them so I'm on the lookout for something else she might read. If your DC liked these books, what else did they enjoy? The only other book she really seemed to get in to was Diary of a Wimpy Kid but she only liked the first one.

Ricekrispie22 Mon 27-Aug-18 20:30:31

Tom Gates
Dork Diaries
Timmy Failure
Penderwicks series
Polly Price's Totally Secret Diary
Adventure Island series
Beetle Boy
Ruby Redfort
After Iris and subsequent books by Natasha Farrant
Judy Moody series
The Family From One End Street

muttleydosomething Mon 27-Aug-18 23:00:26

Captain Underpants. Much better than the first three on the list above IMHO! (Captain Underpants books are relatively easy and quick to read, plus they are hilarious, and the way the two boy heroes deal with bullies and the like via humour, quick thinking and their bond of friendship is inspirational stuff). Buy most of the collection cheap at The Works.

Childrenofthesun Mon 27-Aug-18 23:26:49

Great, thanks! I've got a Tom Gates already for her to try and Captain Underpants is a great favourite on Netflix so I'll try her on those.

wonderwoo Tue 28-Aug-18 08:27:38

Uncle Gubb by Michael Rosen. Similar random humour as the tree house books.

wonderwoo Tue 28-Aug-18 08:29:14

Also, my ds doesnt like the David walliams books in general but he doesn seem to enjoy the world's worst children. Again, fairly similar humour.

DoorbellsSleighbellsSchnitzel Tue 28-Aug-18 08:38:17

Not familiar with 13-storey treehouse, but my DD (also 8) has just read, and loved, The Chocolate Factory Ghost by David O'Connell. She also loves the 'Witch Wars' series by Sibeal Pounder which is very entertaining.

PopGoesTheWeaz Thu 06-Sep-18 22:05:39

Tom Gates and diary of a wimpy kid also have that mix of writing and pictures.

Different style (not cartoony) but Phillip Reeve has a few chapter books that are also heavily illustrated (and some for older kids too.) I'm thinking Pugs of the Frozen North for instance.

emmaMBC Mon 10-Sep-18 18:50:20

TheTreehouse books are great, and it's a huge series so you've got plenty to get through.

I'd also recommend the Dave The Pigeon series for its brilliant humour, and moving onto the Amelia Fang series which is perfect as Autumn rolls in!

mamabluestar Sat 13-Oct-18 14:13:26

My DS has also enjoyed the 13 Storey Tree house series. Captain Underpants and Barry Loser are also firm favourites

BananaDaiquiri Fri 02-Nov-18 07:47:03

I could have written this post myself! My DD(8) is a very good reader but always been reluctant. I actually came into this section to write something similar. She has just finished the 13 storey treehouse series (and don't forget there is a relatively new one out at the moment: the 104 storey Treehouse) and doesn't know what to read next. Her teacher sent home Dork Diaries last year (don't know which one) and she never really got into it. She likes some Roald Dahl and some David Walliams but her other favourite author is Pamela Butchart. She writes two main series: Wigglesbottom Primary (aimed a bit younger than our girls) which are short stories and the "Izzy" series which my daughter read last year. The first one of these is called "Baby Aliens got my teacher". It says 9+ on Book People but I would say they are aimed at more 7-8 years:

Eponymous Mon 05-Nov-18 05:55:57

Dogman is really popular at our school at the moment.

DYGW Fri 16-Nov-18 19:51:54

Don't forgot the Nate the Great!
My son loves treehouse series very much and have read all of them.

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