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Interactive books for 1 year old

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mimi1717 Sun 26-Aug-18 09:59:26

Hi all,

My little one loves being read to books that are interactive and get him involved. Much like Dear Zoo.

Can anyone recommend similar books that will get him involved?

Many thanks

Ricekrispie22 Sun 26-Aug-18 18:32:08

Treehouse Hotel by Maggie Bateman
Where's Spot? by Eric Hill (and any of the other Spot books)
Tales From Acorn Wood series by Julia Donaldson
Mccavity's Not There
The Tickle Book by Ian Whybrow
Where's Mrs Ladybird and similar books by Ingella Arhheinas

SusieFlo Mon 27-Aug-18 23:57:46

Look up a board book called 'Tap the Magic Tree' - it's really nice and interactive.

BlueChampagne Wed 29-Aug-18 12:52:36

Press Here by Herve Tullet

noblegiraffe Wed 29-Aug-18 12:56:51

The ‘Busy’ books are generally great - Busy Park, Busy Zoo were especial favourites.

‘Oh Dear’ is a lift the flap book similar to Dear Zoo. We still say ‘no eggs here, oh dear’ years later.

Owlwantstoshare Tue 06-Nov-18 11:51:07

DGD loved Bib On Bunny (and others in the same series). They have a little finger puppet that you can push through a hole into each page. Sophie the Giraffe board books like ‘Where’s Sophie’ were favourites and Spot flap books too. Oh and ‘That’s not my dinosaur, owl, cat etc freely books.

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