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Hide and seek books

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Tobebythesea Sat 23-Jun-18 13:12:26

I’m looking for recommendations for ‘hide and seek’ books for my 2 and a half year old. Something like Where’s Wally but simpler. I would love any of your ideas. Thank you!

imsorryiasked Sat 23-Jun-18 13:28:14

There are lots called 1001 ? Things to find e.g. pirates, fairies etc.
The photo attached is from usborne "thousands of things to spot"

Tobebythesea Sat 23-Jun-18 13:55:56

Thank you

1busybee Thu 05-Jul-18 22:30:39

Richard scarry books are great. There s a whole series often found on the book people etc.

YesILikeItToo Sun 15-Jul-18 08:38:06

Migloo’s Day by William Bee.

Trampire Sun 15-Jul-18 08:41:03

Dinosaurs in the Supermarket by Timothy Knapman.

Dinosaurs in the Supermarket!

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