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Book series for 9 year old boy

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BluebellTheDonkey Tue 20-Mar-18 20:16:09

He's loved the Switch series and the Beast Quest series, we're wondering what to try next! Any suggestions very gratefully received smile

mumdebump Tue 20-Mar-18 23:48:55

How to Train your Dragon series?

FannyHertz Tue 20-Mar-18 23:52:37

Fleabag monkey face

PerspicaciaTick Tue 20-Mar-18 23:57:01

Max Rider.
Narnia Chronicles.
David Baddiels books went down well.
Fortunately the milk by Neil Gaiman.

RomaineCalm Tue 20-Mar-18 23:59:16

DS loves Stuart Gibbs - Spy School and Space Camp series.

The Roman Mysteries by Caroline Lawrence are a good series.

For something lighter have a look at the Roman Garstang series by Mark Lowery.

RomaineCalm Wed 21-Mar-18 00:02:47

Tom Palmer also writes great books for this age. There is also a good series of football biographies for young readers if he's into sport - I think they are by Michael Part and other authors,

Leeds2 Wed 21-Mar-18 02:03:59

Lemony Snicket.

BluebellTheDonkey Wed 21-Mar-18 06:28:00

Thank you for all the fab suggestions I will have a look.

Getoffthetableplease Wed 21-Mar-18 06:32:06

Redwall smile

PerspicaciaTick Wed 21-Mar-18 08:35:52

Sorry, Alex Rider not Max blush.

BlueChampagne Thu 22-Mar-18 12:36:56

Archie Greene
Harry Potter

Second How to Train your Dragon

purplegreen99 Thu 29-Mar-18 17:25:28

David Baddiel
Charlie Bone series - Jenny Nimmo
Snow Spider trilogy - Jenny Nimmo
Kuromori series - Jason Rohan
Any of the Rick Riordan books
Itch series - Simon Mayo

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