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Series of first chapter books for 5yo girl?

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CoffeeChocolateWine Fri 23-Feb-18 11:18:56

My DD is nearly 6 and LOVES reading. I would like to get her some first chapter books to read with her. When my DS was the same age we read the Dinosaur Cove books together which he loved and I loved reading with him, but my daughter isn't really interested in reading them, mainly because the two main characters are boys.

I'm trying to find a similarly gripping series of early chapter books that she would enjoy, but when I look in the library I am faced with shelves upon shelves of Rainbow Fairies and magical fluffy animals. She has read some of the Rainbow Fairies books and quite enjoys them but I would love something a bit more exciting for her that isn't fairies, princesses or magical fluffy animals! She borrowed a book from the library last week about a young girl pirate which she loves and has read it over and over again, but there aren't any others in my library with the same character...but that is the sort of thing she enjoys.

I thought about Pippi Longstocking but it's in the next age group up in the library so I think it may be a bit a bit advanced for her. Could anyone suggest something else for her?

NameChangeOnTheRegular Fri 23-Feb-18 11:23:00

I'm always on the hunt for this kind of thing too...

Pippi Longstocking is good - but the language used and the way the characters speak etc. feels dated, and my daughter struggled to engage with it.

She does like The Worst Witch, you could try that?

CoffeeChocolateWine Fri 23-Feb-18 11:31:06

Funnily enough we picked up a Worst Witch book from the library last wekk too...but it hasn't had a look in after this pirate book and I forgot about it! I will find it and give it a go with her. Thank you.

AnnoyedByAlfieBear Fri 23-Feb-18 11:36:59

My 5 year old is loving Ronald Dahl at the moment. He's had The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me, and the BFG at school. We've just finished Fantastic Mr Fox and we're just starting Matilda.

BevBrook Fri 23-Feb-18 11:41:11

How about Clever Polly and The Stupid Wolf - there are quite a few of those. I think by Catherine Storr although I might be wrong.

The Secret Seven? They are a bit easier than the Famous Five, although the girls don't get a lot to do I seem to recall.

My Naughty Little Sister?

Hs2Issue Fri 23-Feb-18 11:58:25

DD loved (and still likes rereading at 8) Daisy and the trouble with series.

CoffeeChocolateWine Fri 23-Feb-18 12:37:45

Fab, thanks so much. I'm making a note of all of these. I particularly like the look of the Daisy and the trouble with books and the Worst Witch ones but will look into all of them. When I added them to my Amazon wishlist the Mr Majeika books also cames up as recommended. Any views on these? I can't remember reading them myself but they are quite old aren't they? Are they still engaging for kids now??

Cedar03 Fri 23-Feb-18 13:24:03

Jeremy Strong - Indoor Pirates and others went down well with DD at that age.

Milly Molly Mandy - old fashioned but lovely stories.
Books by Dick King Smith - Hedgepig and lots of other stories
Enid Blyton - Magic Faraway Tree

haba Fri 23-Feb-18 13:37:13

Milly Molly Mandy
Johnny Duddle's Jolly Rogers
Dixie O'Day
Claude by Alex T Smith

tafftum Fri 23-Feb-18 13:40:30

Jacqueline Wilson's books - my younger cousin loves them! Not sure if theyre a bit too old for you DD though- she might have some books aimed at younger children though!

haba Fri 23-Feb-18 13:44:57

No! Not Jacqueline Wilson, not for about five more years.

tafftum Fri 23-Feb-18 13:47:51

@haba wasn't sure since I've never read them but I've seen my cousin read them. Wasn't sure if she had a range aimed at younger kids or not.
Ignore my suggestion, op. blush

DoraChance Fri 23-Feb-18 13:53:18

I'm reading the Jill Tomlinson books with DS at the moment - we've just done The Cat Who Wanted to Go Home & The Penguin Who Wanted To Find Out. There's others in the series too. Lovely stories.

NetballHoop Fri 23-Feb-18 13:54:06

How about the Wayside School books by Louis Sachar? My DC's loved them.

TheUncommonReader Fri 23-Feb-18 13:55:44

My 9 year old really enjoyed the Rescue Princess books when she was in year 1. They were the first books she read herself. They are princess books but the characters are not stereotypical princesses. They have adventures and rescue animals.

My other dd loves Pamela Butchart books. They are very funny: There’s a werewolf in my tent is hilarious.

SunsetInToulouse Fri 23-Feb-18 13:58:27

My DD (just turned 6) loved the Magic Faraway Tree books (Enid Blyton), My Naughty Little Sister books, and the Horrid Henry books. I also tried the worst witch, some Jeremy Strong, and a Roald Dahl (maybe it was George's marvellous medicine), but she didn't enjoy those much.

Rachie1986 Fri 23-Feb-18 14:00:44

Sophie books by dick king Smith?

BlueChampagne Fri 23-Feb-18 15:36:27

Sophie and the Shadow Woods

brilliotic Sat 24-Feb-18 16:19:58

The 'Magic Treehouse' series (not to be confused with the 13 storey treehouse series) is a fun read. Maybe a tiny bit easier than Dinosaur Cove. They were what got my DS into reading.

It is a boy/girl (brother and sister) duo that goes on adventures by opening books in the magic treehouse and saying 'I wish I was there'. In that way they go to all sorts of places/times where they have to overcome mild peril. The boy, though older, is a bit more hesitant, 'scared' so to say, and likes to plan things, whereas the girl tends to boldly just jump in and 'wing it'.

Seeline Sat 24-Feb-18 16:34:56

Little Animal Ark books (later you can progress to the Animal Ark series)
Tumtum and Nutmeg series

onlyconnect Sat 24-Feb-18 16:38:12

It might sound old fashioned but my daughter enjoyed Milly Milly Mandy, My Naughty Little Sister and Mrs Pepperpot

slightlyglittermaned Sat 24-Feb-18 16:39:40

What is the library book about the young girl pirate OP?

Second the Jonny Duddle books - main character Matilda is friends with a pirate boy & they have various adventures. DS loves them. He's also enjoying the Worst Witch books (there's a TV series on iPlayer at the moment tho not sure how close to the books it is).

We also have a couple of Terry Pratchett books of short stories - DS not so keen on those possibly because there isn't a main story to get into.

mayathebee Sat 24-Feb-18 22:13:22

At that age DD loved Worst Witch, Agatha Parrot series, Girl Wonder series by Malorie Blackman, Daisy and the Trouble With ....... books and My Brothers Famous Bottom series by Jeremy Strong. She also enjoyed My Naughty Little Sister and Naughty Amelia Jane.

Chienrouge Sat 24-Feb-18 22:15:44

My 4 year old loves Roald Dahl... Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda are her favourites so far.

schmalex Sun 25-Feb-18 06:53:53

Another vote for Rescue Princesses - they're much more adventurous than the standard princess story.

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