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Books reviews by kids for kids

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GoodMorningMrRobertson Mon 06-Nov-17 10:53:00

Hi all

This is a feature I do in school everyday with classes that I teach. As part of their reading time they have the opportunity to review their books. They then have a chance to share these reviews with the class (they even get to wear the "Special Book Review Cape" (name coined by Year 3 Class of '15)

The review have the structure:

Reviewer's Name (First name only please) and Home Town

Title and Author

General summary of the book - what happens in the book? Who are the main characters? For non-fiction books, what were the best facts? Try not to give away the whole story but make a reader want tor read the book themselves. This section can be as long as you like but we recommend 4-5 sentences at a minimum.

Your favourite part - which part of the story or book did you like the most? We recommend 2-3 sentences at a minimum for this section.

Who would you recommend it to? - What type of person do you think would like to read this book? Try not to say a particular friend of family member. Maybe it could be someone who likes adventures or funny stories.

I've started this as a feature on my blog here. It would be amazing to get as many children sharing their reviews with each other as possible. Happy to receive photos of hand written work, in fact accomanied with drawings they would be fantastic!

If anyone is interested please drop me a message or email at

Any questions please ask away!


GoodMorningMrRobertson Wed 15-Nov-17 04:03:20

Thanks very much for some book reviews! So far we've had 3 different books reviewed and I'm about to upload a triple review from 3 different siblings for one book.

It's brilliant to read the different reviews and see kids of all ages enjoying their books! Please do keep sending me more to showcase! Plus they get to see their work on the internet if you send a picture of it! How exciting! smile

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