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Help identifying childhood book

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ilikepinacoladas Tue 24-Oct-17 21:32:25

Hi, I hope you can help.

I would love to find a book I had as a child to read to my daughter, here is everything I can remember...

I think it was a collection of stories in one book but could be wrong, I will describe the 2 stories I remember.

1. A child takes all their toys into bed and they all get tangled up it was written like... The mobile got tangled with the aeroplane, the car got stuck in the slipper, the bunny got stuck under the blanket. Etc.
2. A child finds a stone that turns out to be magic. Every time it is put in water it turns into a fish. It goes in a puddle and in the bath and I think is released back in to the sea in the end. It goes something like... Far from the coral reefs, underneath the sea, a witches spell out a curse on me.

Thank you in advance smile

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