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'No more boys and girls' books

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newmumwithquestions Mon 28-Aug-17 22:31:09

Having just watched the first episode of 'no more boys and girls' I wanted to get some of the books that they used where the female characters were brave, strong, etc - characteristics normally portrayed as masculin.

'Princess Black' was the book they read in the program but does anyone know what there the others were, or has anyone got any recommendations for books with strong female characters (for pre-school or primary age).

falgelednl Mon 28-Aug-17 22:43:30

I am on my phone so can't link but if you go to the numeracy shed there is a link on there - as that is the site of the teacher in the programme. He has a 'shed' called something to do with the programme (but can't remember what!) and has links to the books from the programme there.

BikeRunSki Tue 29-Aug-17 05:40:39

You might like A Mighty Girl. They are all about empowering girls, and they have lots of recommended books.

BikeRunSki Tue 29-Aug-17 05:43:16

A Mighty Girl this website is all about empowering girls, and they recommend a lot of books.

Pizzaexpressreview Tue 29-Aug-17 05:45:01

preschool we like Zog and it's sequel.

Primary (quite a range) I quite like Don't kids the frog, Clarice Bean, Poppy longstocking. Goodnight stories for rebel girls. The girl who saved Christmas.

My eldest likes Jacqueline Wilson and although I don't particularly it does have some strong characters.

Pizzaexpressreview Tue 29-Aug-17 05:45:41

And yes to A mighty girl!

newmumwithquestions Tue 29-Aug-17 07:44:02

Thanks all - will check out your suggestions later today.

Primary (quite a range)
Yes sorry - they're preschool. But they have and enjoy some 'older' books - they get them as bedtime stories so it doesn't matter that the books reading ages are higher as I'm the one reading them anyway.

Pizzaexpressreview Tue 29-Aug-17 08:00:53

I wouldn't read Jacqueline Wilson to preschool kids, definitely older primary! (Primary is up to 11 and many arr reading more adult themes by then.)And Goodnight stories for rebel girls is a brilliant book to have but definitely older than preschool.

Don't kiss the frog is fab though! Most others on my list I'd wait until a bit older.

allthatmalarkey Mon 11-Sep-17 07:14:16

I've been looking for recommendations for my 3 yr old DD for exactly this reason and am finding preschool suggestions a bit thin on the ground. However, surely this is the age when it's most important. I knew kids had ideas about gender which were disappointing, but I was genuinely shocked by how much the seven year olds on the programme believed girls were less clever than boys.
I was hoping to get a nice balance of healthier messages under our belt so that later we could enjoy things like Sleeping Beauty etc. without that setting the agenda. Then, the other day, I was looking for something for DD to watch on Netflix, clicked on the Disney/Kenneth Branagh Cinderella to see more info and of course it went straight into the movie. I found myself trying to persuade DD out of watching it (it was also q dark and involved a few deaths - DH says she used the word 'dead' later on that evening for the first time), but we both watched the whole thing and she asked for it again the next day. I have to admit I loved it. My excuse to myself is that it does reposition things so that the Fairy Godmother comes over as Cinder's rescuer and the Prince is more a reward for kindness and courage, but still I now want to quickly find an antidote and did some research.
I got her into Dora the Explorer over the weekend, which is garish and annoying, but Dora is about as positive a role model for a three year old as I can think of. Bookswise, most of the preschool stuff I could find was American, so there are some cultural/language differences. I'll happily go with that, but I'd love some British recommendations too.
Here's the stuff that's on my list to try:
The Paperbag Princess
Hilda Must Be Dancing
Ladybug Girl Dresses Up (because she dresses in different professions, apparently)
Apple Farmer Annie
I'm buying most second hand as they aren't easy to get hold of. Any other recommendations out there? I would love there to be a really good Mumsnet list to refer to.

evilgiraffe Mon 11-Sep-17 07:23:22

The paper bag princess is superb. My DDs (3 and 1) have their own copy now after enjoying my own childhood one when visiting my parents. Also second Zog.

Misty9 Tue 12-Sep-17 22:40:19

I'm currently researching this too after some worrying comments from 3yo dd. I love the look of the picture books by Bethan woolvin - little red, and rapunzel are both retellings of the classic stories but the female characters are in charge of their own destiny. Beautiful illustrations too.

Apparently zoe and beans are good books although possibly a bit babyish? Winnie the witch was also recommended to me.

But yes, a mumsnet list would be a great idea.

Misty9 Tue 12-Sep-17 22:41:52

Zog is good but I think the sequel places princess pearl into much more of a nursing role while the male gets to do the doctor jobs hmm

ErrolTheDragon Tue 12-Sep-17 22:50:57

At some point in primary, the classic Swallows and Amazons - Nancy Blackett is great, and the other girls are pretty good too.

allthatmalarkey Wed 13-Sep-17 12:19:24

Thanks for the suggestions. I just finished the second episode of No More etc and I really hope this has an effect on our education system. The Robert Webb book is getting a lot of attention too, perhaps there is a bit of a moment for change.

kathrunneth Fri 15-Sep-17 22:23:25

Yes! I have the list of books from the No More Girls and Boys show. I couldn't find it either so I sat and watched the show over and over until I was sure I had them all halo

I have also been looking for more female lead character books to read with my 4yo girl and 6yo boy. I asked a load of mums to recommend books and pulled together this list with books from 3-10 years. I hope it's useful for you too. Happy to add more books if I've missed any great ones (Swallows and Amazons is already on my must-add list!)

MrsKCastle Fri 15-Sep-17 22:35:53

Princesses are not quitters and The Princess Knight are both great strong princess books, as is The Dragon of Brog
The Apple Pip Princess

Stone Girl, Bone Girl is a good picture book telling the story of Mary Anning.

I would definitely recommend the Mighty Girl website as mentioned above, they have empowering books listed for pretty much every subject!

MrsKCastle Fri 15-Sep-17 22:43:36

I thought of a couple of chapter books for older readers (maybe 8-12?). I now they'll be too old for your children newmum but thought I would add them for others.

The Penderwicks

The Tillerman series

And of course Anne of Green Gables, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Matilda, The Worst Witch.

MrsKCastle Fri 15-Sep-17 22:47:21

The Night Pirates Although the main character is Tom, the 'rough, tough little girl pirates' are pretty cool.

I will stop spamming now, I keep thinking of new ideas!

genderresearcher Mon 02-Oct-17 19:30:37

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

desperatelyseekingcaffeine Mon 02-Oct-17 19:34:41

I bought a nice picture book from the works called Little Ones Bedtime. The little girl pretends to be lots of different things including stereotypically 'boyish' characters like a pirate, wizard and knight as well as a ballerina. The zoe and beans books are good fun to read too.

CheerfulMuddler Tue 03-Oct-17 20:42:43

Princess Smartypants!
Also love This Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown

Liliywil Wed 04-Oct-17 19:22:28

+1 for Princesses are Not Quitters. My DD loved the book too. Good one to try out.

Taytotots Sun 08-Oct-17 11:35:36

Well you couldn't get stronger than Pippi Longstocking. The worst princess is good. As said above lots on A mighty girl.

ojell Fri 13-Oct-17 15:19:40

At the moment we are enjoying 'Rosie Revere, Engineer' and 'Ada Twist, Scientist' (by Andrea Beaty & David Roberts) - the lead characters named for Rosie the Riveter and Ada Byron respectively.

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