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Boarding School type stories for dd

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Catterpillardaddy Mon 07-Aug-17 14:30:10

DD (8) has finished reading Malory Tower, The Naughtiest Girl and St Clare's as well as The L'Etoile series.

She is really into the whole boarding school story setting.

Can anyone recommend any other good reads, which take place at BS?

Oh She has read the first 4 Harry Potter stories too.

Any recommendations would be great!

LIZS Mon 07-Aug-17 14:31:33

Anne Digby's Trebizon series

SureIusedtobetaller Mon 07-Aug-17 14:31:58

The Antonia Forest books. If you can get hold of them 😩They are amazing.
The good old Chalet school.
Feeling nostalgic now!

Laquila Mon 07-Aug-17 14:32:10

Chalet School!! Elinor M Brent Dyer

MrsWooster Mon 07-Aug-17 14:32:29

Chalet School?

RiverTam Mon 07-Aug-17 14:33:26

Antonia Forest are the best but they are very difficult to get hold of. If you can get the ones featuring the Marlows but set in the holidays as well, do - they are fantastic.

Otherwise Chalet School.

RiverTam Mon 07-Aug-17 14:34:48

You could also try Diana Wynne Jones' Chrestomanci series, they are what a lot of people think JK Rowling ripped off with HP, I've only read one a while ago, but I think it's a school setting. Far more focussed in magic than the setting, though, IIRC.

Cruciatus Mon 07-Aug-17 14:35:37

K Girls by Lydia Little boarding school ghost story and based on a real school.

NorthernLurker Mon 07-Aug-17 14:43:47

Definitely the Chalet School. But be warned, once hooked you are Hooked for life and there's over fifty of them....

Catterpillardaddy Mon 07-Aug-17 15:03:37

shock thanks so many replies I didn't think I'd get any so soon. I'll take a look. smile

Genghi Mon 07-Aug-17 15:04:32

Worst Witch

RedastheRose Mon 07-Aug-17 15:05:05

Yes I was going to say Chalet School too but was beaten to it by numerous other MN's.

SureIusedtobetaller Mon 07-Aug-17 15:14:12

Chalet school are indeed horribly addictive...I wanted to go there so badly.

RiverTam Mon 07-Aug-17 15:28:58

Later CS don't stand up to adult rereads though, they are so bloody formulaic and dull. First 15 or so (basically till they leave Guernsey) are very good.

CancellyMcChequeface Mon 07-Aug-17 15:29:19

A couple of standalone girls' boarding school stories that she might like - both involve time travel!

Charlotte Sometimes by Penelope Farmer
Beswitched by Kate Saunders

Catterpillardaddy Mon 07-Aug-17 18:15:42

So many great suggestions thanks

We'll definitely try Chalet school. Antonia Forest's series sounds really god but they are as posters have warned quite dire. I'll see if our local library might stock them.

I spotted the Worst Witch at my local TK maxx but didn't buy it as I hadn't heard of it, what is it like Ghengi?

Timetravel stories set in BS sound brilliant, I a want to read them ! CancellyMcChequeface

ilovepixie Mon 07-Aug-17 18:20:12

The chalet school books are the best but unfortunately so hard to get hold of now. Charity shops are your best bet.

IlsaLund Mon 07-Aug-17 18:32:58

GGBP are republishing one of the Antonia Forest school stories

Bigcomfyknickers Mon 07-Aug-17 18:40:09

Absolutely Antonia Forest. I first read them when I was 11 and still re-read them now over 50 years later.

BizzyFizzy Mon 07-Aug-17 18:42:17

Ruthie Pearlman's School of Secrets series. It's written for the orthodox Jewish market, but good plots and very accessible.

Abneyandteal Mon 07-Aug-17 18:44:18

The Murder Most Unladylike series by Robin Stevens are great - Mallory Towers meets Agatha Christie

Hiddeninplainsight Mon 07-Aug-17 19:18:48

At the same stage my DD didn't like the Chalet School books but loved Diane Wynne Jones's Chestomanci series. She likes Trebizon. Worst witch are great books but younger. But my DD moved into fantasy via DWJ. If she likes the social character side of the boarding school books then some of the 80's ballet school books might also appeal.

halcyondays Mon 07-Aug-17 19:23:54

The Book People have the full set of Worst Witch books at the minute, would be great for an 8 year old. I always liked them, as have my 2 dds.

Secrets and Dreams by Jean Ure is good, dd1 has read it several times.
She also likes Murder Most Unladylike.

Oliack1417 Mon 07-Aug-17 19:32:18

Yes Trebizon! I loved this..

Phalarope Mon 07-Aug-17 20:00:41

Can I recommend a trip to your nearest Oxfam bookshop or similar - I was never a big fan of Mallory Towers but bloody loved my mother's old school story books. The Blackie Girls' School Omnibus in particular. They're my guilty pleasure - it's always the same story (new bug shows pluck etc) but clearly they were churning them out by the dozen, judging by the number of hardbacks to be found secondhand.

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