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books for 6 year old boy who loved 52 storey treehouse

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deliverdaniel Fri 12-May-17 17:49:09

My 6 year old DS juuuuuuust made the transition from reasonably competent but reluctant reader- ie would only read to me out loud and saw it as a chore, to enjoying reading on his own. the 52 storey treehouse series was completely transformational for him (heard about it on here- thanks MN!) and suddenly he started reading on his own late into the night/ taking the book to school and reading it at break etc. He has nearly finished the whole series though and we need something new.

This book is about at his very limit of what he can read (he still misses many words etc in this) so anythign harder I think will put him off- he is . He lvoes the fact that there are still funny pictures/ cartoons etc and it isn't just a huge block of text. Any recommendations for anything of a similar level/ format? Thank you!!

Waddlelikeapenguin Thu 18-May-17 23:52:58

Knight in training (BP have the first four very cheap)
Stone Goblins etc
Kingdom of Wrenley (maybe too easy?)
Dinosaur Cove
Magic story tree house

What about graphic novels? Any phoenix ones (good dog bad dog & bunny v.s monkey are most loved here)

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