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Autobiographies suitable for a 10/11 yr old

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scrappydappydoo Fri 24-Feb-17 08:26:16

DD loves reading 'first person' stories and loves history - she devoured the 'my story' books. Liked Anne frank, loved 'I am malala' what can I recommend for her next?

BiggerBoatNeeded Fri 24-Feb-17 08:27:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

scrappydappydoo Fri 24-Feb-17 08:30:20

She's read those - loved them as is a massive fan of Roald dahl ( did I mention she's a big book worm grin)

Witchend Fri 24-Feb-17 09:32:41

Little House books are the obvious ones.

But at 10/11yo I'd have thought ask her what sort of person she's interested in and look for autobiographies of them.

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Fri 24-Feb-17 09:37:49

When Hitler stole Pink Rabbit by Judith Kerry. There are two sequels, I think. JK wrote and illustrated The Tiger Who Came To Tea and the Mog books. Very timely story at the moment.

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Fri 24-Feb-17 09:38:34

Kerr! Damn you autocorrect.

GayParee Fri 24-Feb-17 09:43:10

Not sure if entirely suitable but my 10 year old DS devoured Emma Kennedy, Miranda Hart and Clare Baldings autobios last year, and also loved the Herdwick Shepherd by James Rebanks. I think he's got his eye on Sue Perkins' one when DH had finished it.

Basically I but myself books, he reads them and then I somehow don't get round to it hence not being sure if appropriate!

mrssmith79 Fri 24-Feb-17 10:03:44

David Attenborough's autobiography is a great read, quite enchanting. Been a few years since I read it but there was nothing racy / adult in it that I remember. Walking on Air I think it was.

Witchend Fri 24-Feb-17 11:30:04

Just a slight warning.
When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit is fine (mine loved it younger than 10), the next one (Bombs over Aunt Daisy, I think) is fine, but the third has quite a lot of issues in it if I remember correctly. I think her mum had just tried to commit suicide and it's much more adult in turn. Do look at it before giving to a 10yo.

mrsmortis Fri 24-Feb-17 13:57:14

Not quite what you're asking for but how about the 'My Story' books? My DD has just read the Lady Jane Grey one and loved it. You can get a box set from the BookPeople for under a tenner.

Twistmeandturnme Fri 24-Feb-17 13:59:52

Aren't the James Herriott books in the first person? Sort of autobiographical but humorous. I remember reading those at about 11.

halcyondays Sat 25-Feb-17 09:40:40

A Vicarage Family by Noel Streatfeild
Zlata's Diary
Jacky Daydream by Jacqueline Wilson

DelphineCormier Sun 26-Feb-17 18:59:31

Has she just read the My Story books? There are also the "boys" ones, but the whole series is based on the Dear America/Dear Canada series. Same thing, American history. Some of the My Story series are "borrowed" from Dear America, but there are a good hundred combined across the two beyond My Story.

Witchend Sun 26-Feb-17 20:18:28

I think people are suggesting the My Stories wink

aubretia Mon 27-Feb-17 17:58:05

I read lots of the 'Famous Childhoods' series at that age, they underpinned my love of history. There's The young Elizabeth, The Young Mary Queen of Scots, The Young Jane Austen, The young Elizabeth Fry.... loads to choose from.

Soupswoop Mon 27-Feb-17 19:51:11

Lucy Worsley has written 2 books for this age - they are fiction but with lots of historical intere

Soupswoop Mon 27-Feb-17 19:51:46

Interest sorry big thumbs going on

sleepwhenidie Mon 27-Feb-17 19:53:42

Obama's is good. I was also going to suggest the All Creatures Great and Small series, my animal loving 11yo loved them.

Soupswoop Mon 27-Feb-17 19:55:02

'Eliza Rose' and 'My name is Victoria'.

Soupswoop Mon 27-Feb-17 19:55:58

Oh yes, has anyone said My Family and other Animals?

scrappydappydoo Tue 28-Feb-17 16:49:09

Thanks all - sorry I accidentally started two threads hmm
DD has read loads of the my story books - she got a huge collection of about 20 for Christmas and had finished them by the time school started shock.
She's read when Hitler stole pink rabbit but I didn't realise there were other books too so I'll get those.
Thanks for the Lucy Worsley suggestions just downloaded those onto her kindle and I'd completely forgotten the little house books.

ImperialBlether Tue 28-Feb-17 16:51:23

Do you think she might like Mary Stewart books? I loved them at that age. I also loved Agatha Christie and Daphne du Maurier then, too.

ImperialBlether Tue 28-Feb-17 16:51:42

Sorry, I know they're not biographies!

rightsofwomen Tue 28-Feb-17 16:51:51

Helen Keller?

Ditto James Herriot, I read those at around that age (and again much later).

I LOVE an autobiog myself.

NerrSnerr Tue 28-Feb-17 16:56:24

It's an old one but I loved Emma and I at that age, about a lady and her guide dog.

Does she like sport? Lots of sports people have autobiographies that she might find inspiring.

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