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Longer, not necessarily 'harder' books for Beast Quest lover

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BigWeald Thu 19-Jan-17 15:10:21

DS enjoys reading, though he doesn't read all the time. He reads for half an hour or so at bedtime, and at odd other moments (waiting for appointments, train journeys). But he reads pretty fast and so gets through lots of books. A typical Beast Quest book takes him less than 60 minutes, so he needs a new one every other day at least.
He has branched out and reads other series too, e.g. Secret Agent Jack Stalwart, Flying Fergus, Sea Quest, Astrosaurs, Time Hunters, The Secret Rescuers.

Well my problem is sourcing new books for him. The library unfortunately isn't very useful for these series: Often they do have some books in the series but usually not the next one in the story (and Beast Quest for example, there are 6 or 4 books that form an overarching story line, so should be read together). So I end up buying, sets from The Book People, or individual books from the charity shops. That's expensive and causing a storage problem.

So, does anyone have suggestions for books/series that aren't necessarily harder (it's reading for fun after all, and DS is 6 and easily scared/distressed) - so no complex characters, shades of grey, sad or serious story lines - but longer? So that a book could last him a week or so? I can cope with getting/finding him ~50, not so much with ~150 books a year!

(He isn't into 'funny' stuff btw, more adventurous things)

Thanks a lot for any ideas!

northender Thu 19-Jan-17 15:12:51

I know they are old fashioned but what about the Faraway Tree books by Enid Blyton. My two enjoyed them at that age.

Witchend Thu 19-Jan-17 16:08:34

Would he cope with ones like Swallows and Amazons?
Ds loved the more adventurous ones at about that age, (Peter Duck in particular) but dd2 who's very nervy on such things loved the security of the main stories.

BigWeald Thu 19-Jan-17 17:10:52

We had the Enchanted Wood/Magic Faraway Tree books as bedtime story (me reading to him) not long ago, he did like them a lot and wants to go as Saucepan Man on next World Book day. I'll suggest them to him to re-read by himself.

Will look into Swallows and Amazons, have seen them recommended on here frequently, but don't know them myself (grew up abroad). Peter Duck? Never heard of it, will have a look.

Thanks so far, anyone else?

Witchend Thu 19-Jan-17 18:07:57

Peter Duck is one in the S&A series, but is much more adventurous than most of the rest.
Most of the stories of S&A are about a group of children camping and having fun. Peter Duck and Missie Lee (one of my least favourites) are adventure stories using the same children.
The author gets round that by mentioning at one point that those two stories are made up by the children themselves when they're bored.

They're quite long books, but I don't think they're particularly difficult.

Zoidberg Thu 19-Jan-17 18:14:20

DD (7 and three quarters and Big Beast Quest fan since 6) suggests Magic Tree House series. A friend of mine recommended Land of Stories but we haven't tried them yet. DD also liked the Guardians books but they can be scary.

BigWeald Thu 19-Jan-17 18:49:25

Oh, thanks Witchend, I get it now smile

Zoidberg, DS started off with the Magic Tree House series, they're the books that got him reading. He has read the first 20, there are about 16 filling up space on the shelf. But they are even shorter than the other series he reads...
Will look into Land of Stories and Guardian books, thanks!

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