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Using sensory aids when reading to the kids

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sjohnson93 Thu 01-Dec-16 21:53:45

Hi everybody I'm a newcomer here,

I've been reading to children every now and then for a play group and I was thinking about incorporating different sensory elements that might get them a little more engaged.

I was thinking about adding sound effects to characters and setting, images to go along with the story and textures for certain parts they could feel (like handing around a soft toy or a bucket of peeled grapes).

Has anybody tried anything like this with their children and what stories did you use? Did the kids enjoy it?

I'm thinking about using the hungry caterpillar next chance I get to test the waters.

Have a wonderful day!

Crachel32 Thu 29-Dec-16 16:01:10


I purchased a Tiger Who Came To Tea Story Sack for my child for Christmas as he's really into books and loves this story, and he's obsessed with it, he's only 16 months and wants to get it out all the time! It's cheap compared to others I've come across and comes with lots of sensory toys and puppets too, I'm really happy with it and they have others, including the Hungry Caterpillar. Here's the link:

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