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Recommendations of children's story CDs

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TheChineseChicken Thu 10-Nov-16 09:31:59

Not sure if this is the right topic but...

I'm looking for recommendations of children's story CDs with music. Think Peter and the Wolf with the orchestra creating atmosphere and doing sound effects. We have a lovely Oliver Jeffers CD like this and I like putting it on in the background while DD is playing. Does anyone know of anything similar I could get hold of?


TheChineseChicken Thu 10-Nov-16 17:22:52


CremeBrulee Thu 10-Nov-16 17:26:13

I don't buy CDs anymore. I use the Audible app which is now owned by Amazon. There are loads of wonderful unabridged children's stories read aloud by a narrator or dramatised by a cast of voice actors.

TheChineseChicken Thu 10-Nov-16 17:57:25

Thanks. Do you subscribe to it or pay per item?

CremeBrulee Thu 10-Nov-16 19:58:19

You can do either. I listen to audio books a lot myself and I find it cheaper to subscribe to the one book a month plan. If I want to buy more during the month, I buy extra 'credits, usually at 3 for £18 as it's much cheaper to buy a book for a credit than pay the cash price.

I bought DS the Harry Potter series this way and saved loads as Deathly Hallows alone is £32 and I was able to buy the last three books in the series for £18.

TheChineseChicken Thu 10-Nov-16 21:08:35

Great, thanks for the tip

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