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Book ideas for 8/9 year old boy

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umizoomi Mon 26-Sep-16 21:57:11

DS is 8 is isn't a bookworm but does ok. Trying to find some good books for him to read which he'll enjoy. He loved Horrid Henry and like the David Walliams stories but struggles with the size/amount/content of the text and so gets fed up.

It's difficult to see what is the right 'level' to challenge a bit but actiAlly he will enjoy reading.

Any ideas?

JellyOnIcecream Mon 26-Sep-16 22:02:27

My 8yo DS loves wimpy kid books. Oh and Tom Gates books too, reads them in bed every night

BlueChampagne Tue 27-Sep-16 13:17:55

Has he tried Roald Dahl?

NotCitrus Tue 27-Sep-16 13:20:32

Asterix? Flat Stanley?

SirChenjin Tue 27-Sep-16 13:21:41

I second the Wimpy Kid and Tom Gates books - DS2 isn't much of a reader either, but he loves them

GinAndPhonics82 Tue 27-Sep-16 13:30:35

Wimpy kid and Tom Gates are both brill. I volunteer in the school library and have been looking at both sets this morning, and was very impressed.

Leeds2 Tue 27-Sep-16 13:59:52

Second Wimpy Kid and Tom Gates. Also Middle School series, which is similar.

Maybe Captain Underpants series, or Jiggy McCue series.

umizoomi Tue 27-Sep-16 14:04:42

Thanks all - I have looked at wimpy kid but wanted a selection so you have all assisted !

schmalex Sat 01-Oct-16 07:06:07

The 13-storey treehouse series is also similar to Wimpy Kid as there is not too much text and plenty of illustrations.

artesempre Sun 02-Oct-16 11:54:23

Hi Umizoomi. After being inspired by my son's passion for writing I decided to start publishing his books. He wrote "Weirdo" last year when he was only 9 years old. The book is about a boy who lost his parents, is bullied at school and everyone thinks he is weird. The story is filled with friendship, determination and there's lots of funny scenes. To me it's really special as it's written by a child and the world seen through his eyes. Anyway, if you would like to try and see if your son would like...Please let me know what he thinks of it. Here is the link through Amazon. The book is called "Weirdo" by Ben Spies. Thank you:

MsMarple Sun 02-Oct-16 12:13:38

I just asked my 8.5 year old, and his instant recommendation is My Brother is a Superhero by David Solomons, and then My Gym Teacher is an Alien Overlord.

If you want something with a bit less text then maybe try the Jeanne Willis Supercat books. My son got these a couple of years ago, but re-reads them often and really loves them still.

BikeRunSki Sun 02-Oct-16 12:15:47

My 8 year old said "Lionboy" (he's just started the second one), and he's enjoyed Fudge books by Judy Blume.

TealGiraffe Sun 02-Oct-16 12:17:18

My year 4 class love
Beast quest series
Harry potter
How to train your dragon
Roald dahl
Anything by david walliams

TealGiraffe Sun 02-Oct-16 12:17:56

Oh and wimpy kid. They like the layout of them

Soupswoop Tue 04-Oct-16 09:07:32

Mine likes the Dangerology series by David O'Doherty - lots of silly pictures and poo jokes.

Also anything by Jeremy Strong - eg My Brother's Famous Bottom.

Yes there is a bit of a toilet humour theme here!

I also second the 13 Storey Treehouse recommendation.

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