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Non-scary books for an 11 yr old boy

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BrilliantlyStupid Mon 26-Sep-16 11:50:58

Help me find completely non-scary books please for an avid reader!
My 11yr old DS loves Harry Potter, Terry Pratchet (Tiffany Aching series, Digger series etc), Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Tom Gates, Glen Murphy Science Museum series, David Baddiel books, How to Train your Dragon, Doctor Proctor. He loves humour, hates anything scary! Do you have any recommendations that your 10-12 yr old has loved!

Leeds2 Mon 26-Sep-16 16:46:54

I find Middle School series is very similar to Wimpy Kid and Tom Gates. Might work!

IsItMeOr Mon 26-Sep-16 16:50:23

Has he read Letter for the King? I pre-read it before reading it with 7yo DS, as he is very easily scared, and we both loved it.

Sadik Mon 26-Sep-16 17:03:42

If he likes Harry Potter, maybe Diana Wynne Jones? The stand-alone ones would probably be the best place to start (Chrestomanci series perhaps a little young) - The Power of Three, The Homeward Bounders, The Ogre Downstairs, Dogsbody etc. (But not Hexwood, which is both impenetrable and aimed at adults.)

BrilliantlyStupid Mon 26-Sep-16 18:38:32

He loved the Middle School Series as it is indeed similar to Tom Gates etc.
Power of Three looks like something he would love so I have ordered that!
It's a hard age to find books for with his criteria!

Sadik Mon 26-Sep-16 18:48:21

If he likes D W-J she's written loads of books, and although the themes can be quite grown-up in some of her books, they're much less dark/scary than the later Harry Potters.

You might find older books suit him better - has he read things like the Swallows and Amazons books - or even older again, Jules Verne?

When you say 'not scary' - I'm guessing you mean not the YA dystopian kind of stuff like Hunger Games?

Other series that dd enjoyed when she was that age included the Michelle Paver Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series, the Ingo series set in Cornwall, Anne McCaffrey's Harper Hall trilogy (aimed at younger readers - the other Pern books are aimed at adults, though in practice pretty harmless).

Sadik Mon 26-Sep-16 18:51:00

Oh, and DD's friend who hated anything scary when he was that age loved the Biggles books (ironically, given the life expectancy of a WW1 fighter pilot . . .), they've been re-issued and the book people have them very cheap if you think they might appeal.

BlueChampagne Thu 29-Sep-16 13:33:10

The Hobbit?
The Dark is Rising?
A Wizard of Earthsea?

Gerald Durrell might be a good shout. Second Jules Verne!

BlueChampagne Thu 29-Sep-16 13:34:14

The Scarlet Pimpernel
Sherlock Holmes
The Prisoner of Zenda

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