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Books with a mythological theme

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eyebrowsonfleek Fri 16-Sep-16 19:57:35

Ds is 10 years old and not a very enthusiastic reader. He would like to read a book with a mythological theme. He enjoys history and enjoyed the Percy Jackson movie. It can't be any longer/harder than How to Train Your Dragon. Can anyone help?

dementedpixie Fri 16-Sep-16 19:58:56

Would he read the percy jackson books?

PopGoesTheWeaz Fri 16-Sep-16 23:56:54

There are some Percy Jackson graphic novels too that are a bit thinner, if he is sintimiated by the size.

There is the Roman Mysteries, which isn't mythological but does weave in Roman histroy if he likes that period in particilar. And those aren't too long.

eyebrowsonfleek Sat 17-Sep-16 23:21:13

Thank you.
I've been to Waterstones today to look at actual books and have bought both. He's at his Dad's tonight so I'll show him tomorrow and get him to make a choice.
I didn't think of graphic novels. He used to read Beano so it may go down well.

schmalex Tue 20-Sep-16 09:48:45

Lucy Coats' Beasts of Olympus series might work?

AnyTheWiser Tue 20-Sep-16 10:19:02

Neil Gaiman's Odd and the Frost Giants is good, and pretty slim. There's a lovely new version I saw this week, illustrated by Chris Riddell (Ottiline, Muddle Earth etc).
There are some fabulous books in comic strip style by Marcia Williams - she's done Greek Myths, Robin Hood, the Illiad and The Odyssey, Sinbad, King Arthur stories etc. They're really witty (some a bit rude- Chaucer, Shakespeare) very appealing to children, not too difficult language wise, but not simplified either, and I think children enjoy not being dumbed-down to tbh. They're on amazon, but we got a boxed set from The Book People for a very good price, I think they regularly have her books.
We have a CD of Norse legends which are beautifully told (with atmospheric music, the lot!) which I will link to when I'm on PC later, but audio books could be a good way to experience traditional tales.
We have a beautiful Usborne book of Greek Myths too, it's not too tricky, aimed at ks2 age. The hardest part is remembering all the names I find!blush

BlueChampagne Wed 21-Sep-16 13:56:03

Try your local library for Roger Lancelyn-Green?

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