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Garth Nix - Keys to the Kingdom series

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WhattodoSue Mon 12-Sep-16 14:50:18

I'm hoping someone has some knowledge of Garth Nix, and in particular the Keys to the Kingdom series. I'm trying to find books for my DD. She loves fantasy/magic. She loved HP, Diane W-J, has read the Hobbit and got bored with Lord of the Rings. Her current favourite is probably anything Percy Jackson/Rick Riordan.

I was looking on Scholastic for suitable books, and the Garth Nix series was suggested. They suggested US grades 3-7, which would be perfect for her. However, I just wanted to find out if anyone had read them and had any views (also it would be good to know if they are any good!). Thanks!

Sadik Mon 12-Sep-16 20:05:04

I've read the first one, Mister Monday, and it's definitely aimed at younger readers than Sabriel/Lirael etc - I guess older primary age upwards. I think if she likes D W-J she'd enjoy it.

How old is she? Has she read any Jenny Nimmo (Snow Spider trilogy / Charlie Bone series)? Susan Cooper's Dark is Rising series might appeal also if she hasn't read them.

LumpyMcBentface Mon 12-Sep-16 20:07:53

I read these with ds1 (he read them and passed them on to me) when he was around 8 I think.

I can't remember the details only that they were good, I might dig them out and reread them actually.

WhattodoSue Mon 12-Sep-16 20:23:35

Thanks! Lumpy and Sadik she is 7, but an avid reader and quite advanced reader. They sound about right (based on her current favourites). She did try the dark is rising but much to my disappointment didn't get into them. She did like Lloyd Alexander - aside from The Dark is Rising - she reads totally different books to the ones I was into (I liked ballet books grin). I will look at the others too. These are cheap on eBay which is always a bonus!

Wolfiefan Mon 12-Sep-16 20:24:49

I bought the set cheaper from The Book People. Much easier to read than the Hobbit. Not a difficult read at all.

FluffyFluffster Mon 12-Sep-16 20:32:13

I've read them all and they were good kids books. Nix also has a couple of other series she may enjoy.

I can't remember who wrote them, but what about the Skullduggery Pleasant books?

Sadik Mon 12-Sep-16 20:40:45

I'd look at the Charlie Bone books too smile

mrsmortis Wed 14-Sep-16 14:22:17

If she likes the Keys to the Kingdom then I'd suggest looking at the Seventh Tower books by Garth Nix too.

I'm trying to remember what I was reading at that age. I read the hobbit and like your DD got bored with the Lord of the Rings. But I hadn't hit my dystopic phase yet.

Have you considered Terry Pratchett's children's books? Diggers, Truckers, etc. Or maybe Wee Free Men?

mrsbeattie Wed 14-Sep-16 18:07:14

I have an 8yr old D, but she has a reading and comprehension age of 12. I'm finding it really difficult to find books that interest her, but are still suitable for her age. She's read all but the last Harry Potter books, the narnia series, everything by Dahl and Blyton. She wants to read her 12 yr old sisters books, the likes of the Twilight books and Pulman's dark matter books. I'm sure they are to old for her but don't want to curb her enthusiasm. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

mrsmortis Thu 15-Sep-16 12:19:45

Does it need to be fiction? I have a similar issue with my DD who is 7 combined with a really low threat tolerance. In the last couple of months she's read a lot of the murderous maths/horrible science books.

The other thing that I think works is to go for something a bit old fashioned so that the vocab is new. My DD has enjoyed The Secret Garden, A little princess, The railway children, little house books, etc.

WhattodoSue Thu 15-Sep-16 12:50:59

MrsBeatie I haven't read them, but I get the impression most of Diana Wynne Jones is great (there are some YA ones, but my DD loved the Chrestomanci series and Howls moving castle (all 3). There is also a series by Lloyd Alexander - Prydian (sorry - on my phone and dyslexic so misspelt!), which are really well written and low threat (I believe). Has she tried Percy Jackson? My DD loves Rick Riordan.

WhattodoSue Thu 15-Sep-16 13:05:55

And I've added the Charlie bone and Skullduggery books to the list of books. People often say 'take her to the library' but there is no way our library has the richness and quality of choice I get from Mumsnet! We have done so well with recommendations here, and I have had so much good advice about suitability (or not). So a broad thank you!

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