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Trying to find a book......

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Pashazade Sat 10-Sep-16 10:46:05

A friend is trying to find a children's book she remembers. Probably from the 70's, really nicely illustrated with lots of different birds getting ready for a ball. Dressing up in top hats and waistcoats that sort of thing......does it ring a bell for anyone!?

Minceybits Sat 10-Sep-16 21:02:04

I don't think it is this but made me think of the 70s version of the Butterfly Ball - there was a highly illustrated version and a record with a poem I think. I loved the detailed drawings of all the insects and animals and birds.

Pashazade Sun 11-Sep-16 15:27:51

Thanks I'll have a look

Clawdy Tue 20-Sep-16 17:22:42

It does sound like The Butterfly Ball.

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