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M&S first readers - watered down?

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hobbeschild Sat 30-Jul-16 10:31:46

I have been searching on here for first fairy tales, and it sounds as if the M&S first readers are very popular. I'm just wondering - are they watered down? I mean, do people get eaten, burnt, heads chopped off, etc. I'd prefer to stick as closely as possible to the originals (I can modify as necessary when I read them to my 3yo, and by the time he can read himself they will be fine). And are they more or less tempered than the old Ladybird versions?


I really like the sound of the Helen Oxenbury and Scott Gustafson collections - they don't appear to have skimped on the scares - but I was thinking the single stories will be easier for him to pick up and read by himself later on.

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