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If you love Shirley Hughes, she's on BBC4 at the moment

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sleepyhead Mon 18-Jul-16 20:40:21

The "What do artists do all day?" series. She's illustrating the final page of an Alfie book and talking about her life and work (plus you get to see the real Dogger grin)

CMOTDibbler Mon 18-Jul-16 20:56:44

Isn't she just lovely?

sleepyhead Mon 18-Jul-16 21:01:15

Oh that was such an interesting, gentle and absorbing way to spend half an hour.

Yes, she is lovely!

sleepyhead Mon 18-Jul-16 21:02:44

I still can't read "Then Bella did a Very Kind Thing" without tearing up.

CMOTDibbler Mon 18-Jul-16 21:17:47

I know! DH says he doesn't remember Dogger. I have called him a heartless git

MaisieDotes Mon 18-Jul-16 21:19:55

I don't have BBC4 sad

DS1 was just like Annie-Rose before he had his first haircut grin

TheEagle Mon 18-Jul-16 21:23:28

Oh I'm sorry I missed this, I'm not st home boo sad

My DS1 adores Alfie and I just love reading them to him. Gorgeous stories.

TheEagle Mon 18-Jul-16 21:24:06


sleepyhead Mon 18-Jul-16 21:25:06

It's on iPlayer smile

Footle Mon 18-Jul-16 21:25:30

Oh I hope I can get it on iplayer right now. Feels like just the thing to save my sanity. Thank you.

Footle Mon 18-Jul-16 22:06:18

So pleased I saw that ! What a happy, fulfilled woman.
And I'm very pleased to hear her daughter Clara's name is pronounced as it is in our family.

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