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Enid Blyton's Magical Worlds

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lawrencecostin Thu 14-Apr-16 00:09:47

I recently drifted back to Blyton after leaving her behind years ago.

I disagree with the forcing of 21st century morality onto reprints of her stories. It seems to involve no regard for her different circumstances and culture.

Some of the edits are very stupid such as the airbrushing of Dame Slap in The Faraway Tree and in The Adventurous Four, Andy being turned into a schoolboy because the school leaving age has been raised. Not to mention the baffling change of the names of Jill and Mary to Pippa and Zoe. What the heck is wrong with Jill and Mary?

Thoughts, anyone?

(final thought: What the heck is wrong with a little girl being soft and gentle? I've seen Anne of the Famous Five being called a "sook" for this by adult women who really should know better)

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