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Choosing Books for 11 yr old dd

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taptonaria27 Sat 26-Dec-15 21:52:14

How do I assess the content of books for my dd? She got a kindle for Christmas but I am struggling to know whether the content will be appropriate, I am not overly precious but there are things I don't want her reading in too much detail yet

schmalex Tue 29-Dec-15 17:37:51

You could look at somewhere like lovereading4kids perhaps?
This is the disadvantage of buying via Amazon rather than a bookshop where they can advise you and will also shelve it by rough age group.

FrozenPonds Tue 29-Dec-15 17:41:04

Google 'common sense media'.

It has reviews and content guidance for loads of books, films, games etc.

mareseatoatsanddoeseatoats Tue 29-Dec-15 17:49:04

Read it first? That's what I do if I'm not sure. Mostly I read the reviews on Amazon if it's an author/book I'm not familiar with. DD is 10.5 and wanted to read hunger games so I read it first to see what I thought. Her kindle is linked into my Amazon account though which makes it much easier. I have also put the parental control things on her kindle and she can't buy directly from her kindle .

happyanddappy Wed 30-Dec-15 16:05:18

second lovereading4kids if you don't want to read everything first - is a great site.

emmaMBC Mon 04-Jan-16 12:22:34

Read reviews - My Book Corner, Book Bag, Guardian has a kids section too.

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