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kindle books for twelve year old

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strawberryblondebint Tue 22-Dec-15 18:29:25

Help. Got my eleven nearly twelve year old a paperwhite for Christmas. Can I have some recommendations of books to pop on it. She likes hunger games and Jacqueline Wilson. What's new out and excellent.

MrsPnut Tue 22-Dec-15 19:39:37

My daughter really liked into the woods and out of the woods by Lyn Gardner.

strawberryblondebint Wed 23-Dec-15 07:15:54

Thanks. Will try that

SavoyCabbage Wed 23-Dec-15 07:23:07

My dd likes

Maze runner
Ruby Redford (I think of maybe Retford)
Warrior cats
Land of stories

FannyFanakapan Wed 23-Dec-15 07:25:43

my son (just 13) loved the Underland chronicals, by the hunger games author SUzanne Collins. Hunger games meets watership down. WHich would also be a lovely book to download!

Try the series of unfortunate events.

Anything by Michael Morpurgo.

Harry potter series (always read and re-read in this house)

DS has enjoyed the insurgent/divergent series and also the scorch trials books.

DfD (12) loves Cathy Cassidy books.

MrsPnut Wed 23-Dec-15 07:51:19

My daughter also likes the goth girl series, they are funny mystery books.

strawberryblondebint Thu 24-Dec-15 13:12:05

Excellent. Thanks guys

Walkingonsunshine00 Thu 24-Dec-15 13:13:15


Sallyhasleftthebuilding Thu 24-Dec-15 13:14:58

Amazin now have age range books - so you can see what ok for them to read.

ScarlettDarling Sun 27-Dec-15 16:50:24

Has anyone spotted any bargain kindle books for children? I find them so expensive compared to paperbacks or even hard backs!

Brytte Sun 27-Dec-15 17:13:26

My DD liked The School of Good and Evil trilogy.

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