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D'you fancy commenting on my book quiz questions?

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Sadik Tue 17-Nov-15 19:00:04

I've posted in Primary Ed as well, but asking here too for a different audience. It's meant to be reasonably easy - expecting that most children will get most of them right and then we'll draw for the prize IYKWIM. The questions will be on the wall in a library, so books to hand but no chance to use Google! I've aimed relatively young for each age group so as not to exclude the littler ones.

Age 7 and under:
What is Lola’s big brother called?
What island does Thomas the Tank Engine live on?
What colour is Mog the cat?
In The Gruffalo, name one of the animals that the mouse meets
What colour is Sali Mali’s hair?
How is Elmer different from a normal elephant?
What sort of animal is Paddington?
What are Cinderella’s special shoes made of?

Age 8 -11:
What are the names of the two girls in the Rainbow Magic books?
What place did Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy reach through a wardrobe?
What is Horrid Henry’s brother called?
What is special about Percy Jackson’s father?
How are the Astrosaurs different from normal dinosaurs?
What are Harry Potter’s two best friends called?
What sort of factory does Charlie visit when he wins a Golden Ticket?
What is Malory Towers?
What sort of animal is Spirit in the Beast Quest books?
What does BFG stand for in the Roald Dahl book?

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