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Science books for Early Years

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Teladi Mon 16-Nov-15 16:41:00

My DD (4) has a lot of questions about the world around her which is very sweet and I want to encourage it, even if it is probably fuelled by her slight addiction to Messy Goes To Okido.

Can anyone recommend any good science-ish books for curious preschoolers?

mrsmortis Wed 18-Nov-15 16:23:33

The Usborne "Lift the flaps" books are really good. We bought them for my DD1(6) but DD2(3) loves playing with them too. She just needs them read to her rather than being able to use them independently like DD1.

Teladi Fri 20-Nov-15 11:19:56

Thanks mrsmortis - just saw your reply just now. DD does have one or two of these and really likes them but hadn't occurred to me to check out the rest of the range!

bigbutsrus1 Wed 25-Nov-15 22:42:15

We loved "one smart fish" and "the Mankey monkey" for a great introduction of evolution!

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