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DC's book that make you cry..

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Allthatnonsense Fri 13-Nov-15 20:26:21

Every time I read Judith Kerr's My Henry I have to have a little sob. It's the bit where they talk about their life together and how lovely it was. So poignant.

ShatnersBassoon Fri 13-Nov-15 20:29:04

Dogger. It got me every bloody time. "Mummy, why have you stopped reading?" blush

FiveGoMadInDorset Fri 13-Nov-15 20:30:17

Goodnight Mr Tom

BarbaraTheIncredible Fri 13-Nov-15 20:30:39

Continuing on the Judith Kerr theme (and in continuation of a discussion I had today after the Sainsbury's ad aired) Goodbye Mog. Every time...

My children are only 8 & 5 but already there are books that we loved together when they were young that now give me a bit of a lump in the throat just because they remind me of how small they used to be.

FriedSprout Fri 13-Nov-15 20:40:30

Dear Greenpeace by Simon James here

A little girl has a whale in her pond and this book is her correspondence with Greenpeace about her whale, and their replies.

It is a lovely, gentle and thought provoking book, and I blub get a lump in my throat every time my dd asked for it grin

DefiniteMaybe Fri 13-Nov-15 20:43:25

Love you forever.
Its creepy as hell but gets me every time. Dd LOVES it.

gillyweed Fri 13-Nov-15 20:45:19

Paper Dolls, gets me every time... its the line 'and a kind grandma'. I'm welling up now!

mapmyface Fri 13-Nov-15 20:46:38

I second 'live you forever' I tear up just thinking about it

elspethmcgillicuddy Fri 13-Nov-15 20:46:44

Oh the places you'll go

teacherwith2kids Fri 13-Nov-15 20:48:35

The Green Ship by Quentin Blake, when the old lady sails the ship through till morning. Once tried reading it to a class - BAD idea!

jeee Fri 13-Nov-15 20:48:38

The Silver Sword. I read it to my children, and really struggled to get through the last couple of chapters. It's the weepiest happy ending I know.

ILoveCwtches Fri 13-Nov-15 20:49:20

Barbara, I agree! I refuse to have it in the house. I read it quickly at the library, once. I hid from my DD (2.7 now, so not much more than 2 at the time) so she wouldn't see the book, then I had to try to get rid of the tears without her noticing.

She has a cuddly Mog which has gone everywhere with her since she was about 1. Mog can't die!

Doilooklikeatourist Fri 13-Nov-15 20:50:20

The butterfly lion
Any of the Narnia Chronicles

HermioneWeasley Fri 13-Nov-15 20:51:01

Paper dolls - the bit with the kind granny!

Allthatnonsense Fri 13-Nov-15 20:55:28

Slightly older, but when reading the Avonlea series, I couldn't hold it together when Matthew died.

BeStrongAndCourageous Fri 13-Nov-15 21:03:44

"You were the first." It's a sort of ode to a PFB, and when I read it to mine, I weep.

"You were the teach us how to be parents."

Thebookswereherfriends Fri 13-Nov-15 21:03:48

The forgotten Forest by Laurence Anholt. I picked it up in a charity shop and just thought it was a nice book. First time I read it and I very nearly burst into tears. It's a picture book about how all the trees have got cut down for development and there's only one little patch left that only the children play in. Developers come along and say they're going to chop it down and then there's sobbing in the trees and the builders all stop and start planting trees throughout the city. For some reason it just grabs me and I get a lump in my throat every time I read it.

HeyMicky Fri 13-Nov-15 21:11:48

Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge. Aussie book by Mem Fox about a small boy who collects memories to help an old lady recover hers

* bawls forever*

DH refuses to read it grin

BestIsWest Fri 13-Nov-15 21:13:38

Nothing by Mick Inkpen.

SuckingEggs Fri 13-Nov-15 21:16:05

Me, too. DC has hidden My Henry to stop the angst!

I also find the bit in Monkey Puzzle, where she says, "but none of my babies look like me" strangely sad.

SuckingEggs Fri 13-Nov-15 21:17:22

There is no way I'd get through Goodbye Mog. Nope. Not doing it.

HeartShapedBox Fri 13-Nov-15 21:19:05

Another one for "goodnight mister tom", also "the sheep-pig" by dick king smith... Poor wee piglet taken away from his mummy, the ewe being killed by savage dogs and the pig initially getting the blame, etc etc

gamerchick Fri 13-Nov-15 21:19:09

Love you forever, ever since I found out it was written because of the authors stillborn babies.

I've hid the thing but the youngest likes me to say that bit to him often.

eddiemairswife Fri 13-Nov-15 21:25:03

The Velveteen Rabbit.

MarthaMonkeynuts Fri 13-Nov-15 21:28:18

Once there were giants

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