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joke book for 5 year old dd pls

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Macey78 Thu 29-Oct-15 22:27:51

Our dd is gaining a sense of humour and really likes to tell jokes. So thought an age appropriate joke book would make a good stocking filler. Any recommendations....? Tia

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Wed 04-Nov-15 15:07:30

Jellyphants and Woolly Jumpers is a good first joke book which my 6yo likes.

Macey78 Wed 04-Nov-15 22:42:29

Thank you will look those up.

happyjustobeme Wed 25-Nov-15 23:04:08

DS enjoyed the Justin from cbeebies joke book at that age. Lots of age appropriate jokes, pictures and variety.

threeolivemartini Wed 25-Nov-15 23:15:47

DD had an earlier version of this which she loved (and still does 3/4 years on)

EasilyDistracted77 Wed 25-Nov-15 23:17:02

Another vote for Justin's Jokes here!

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