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my just turned 11 yr old dd came home with these books from Asda and im not too sure

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biglips Fri 02-Oct-15 22:38:47

1) my secret rockstar boyfriend by Eleanor wood
2) fangirl by rainbow rowell

My dd is a very advanced reader but are these too old for her or about right before I let her read them tmrw...

Sadik Sat 03-Oct-15 17:31:06

Don't know no.1..
Fangirl is very good, but IMO possibly not for a just turned 11 year old (would definitely be fine for a yr 7 who's 11 going on 12, I'd think). It's about a very shy girl going to college, and gradually coming out of her skin, acquiring a boyfriend etc. IIRC there is a (fairly minimal) sex scene, though an 11 yo might not notice it, and it's all very sweet.

Sadik Sat 03-Oct-15 17:32:00

I think at this age, 'advanced reader' kind of doesn't help, as it's very much about content rather than reading ability, IYKWIM.

biglips Sat 03-Oct-15 21:36:37

Thank you.... I had a look online this morning. I'm ok with no 1 as its a children book but no 2 is for young adults..... I had a quick read and it was oookkk.

Sadik Sun 04-Oct-15 08:42:19

Stick it away for a year or so, and she'll love it!

cariadlet Wed 14-Oct-15 20:36:56

My dd is 13 and bought fangirl about a year ago. I skimmed through it and put it on top of a high bookcase as I didn't think it was appropriate. She's forgotten all about it, and I'm going to leave it there for another couple of years.

emmaMBC Wed 21-Oct-15 10:17:41

Fangirl is a great book, well written and hugely popular, however it is definitely aimed at a older market. I think a younger reader would not relate to it. These books would be more suited to her.

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