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Trying to find book about teenagers in New York who graffiti a plane

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EllieQ Fri 25-Sep-15 18:07:21

I'm hoping a MN book sleuth can help me find this book!

I read in while I was in secondary school, so late 80s to mid-90s. It's set in New York. The main character and his three friends (two other boys and one girl) are all talented at art and come up with a plan to graffiti a plane (possibly after criticising graffiti artists who tag subway trains - tagging a plane would be far superior!).

They somehow befriend a guy who works for a catering company who supplies airplane food, and with his help they break into a New York airport and spray the work 'peace' in four different languages (including Hebrew and/or Arabic) on a plane. It gets onto international news (including praise for such a great message), and for a while they think they've got away with it, but they are tracked down by a reporter who identifies their signature tags (doodles on notebook possibly).

The other details I remember are:
- the main character has a crush on the girl (Sonia?) but she is dating another boy in the group.
- one of the other boys lives in a loft apartment filled with plants, and there's a description of his parents having boxed off a corner so he has a bedroom.
- there's one scene where the four of them are on a train and the main character is the only one without a notebook to sketch in to pass the time.
- the guy who gets them into the airport either hides them in his truck, or they break in through a fence and he picks them up.
- they have to practice doing their section so it can be done in a time limit.
- they have to pick a type of plane that is low enough to reach, but is an international flight.

If anyone else remembers this or can name the book, that would be great!

BigOldBlue Fri 25-Sep-15 18:20:01

Just done a search - looks like it might be Of Griffins and Graffiti by Kate Gilmore. Scroll down a bit ...

EllieQ Tue 06-Oct-15 08:04:10

That's the one!

I'm impressed you could find it - every search I did came up with loads of articles about graffiti in New York. Thank you smile

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