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This is a very long shot but I'm trying to trace a teen/young adult science fiction book.

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blackheartsgirl Tue 28-Jul-15 01:26:21

I read this book in my late teens and it's stayed with me.From what I can remember it's about an earth set sometime in the future and it's not a very nice earth. There's a competition set for all qualifying young people which involves some kind of test for some kind of space exploration or something lol but it isn't what people think it is, some kids are deemed unsuitable and are seen to die on screen.

Anyway a group of teens or young adults find themselves passing a test and living together in some kind of flat with no outside communication, surrounded by books etc, they don't know why they are there or they think it's for something I really can't remember, ive got a feeling its to explore other planets. The main voice is that of a girl it's her perspective we see and she is plagued by self doubt as the others seem really bright and she doesn't know why she is there, all the others are good at their own thing.

They find themselves on another planet, but the space ship never comes back for them, they have been betrayed I think, so it's a hunt for survival, their survival skills come into play, all the book learning in the flat comes in handy, they build shelters, find food, find another community and form a religion of sorts. The girl is still plagued by doubt until one day she discovers how to make paper and then she realized she is there as the record keeper, the journal keeper and it ends there. I remember the sky was red and not blue.

that was long winded sorryblush

if anyone's can shed any light that would be brilliant smile

UrethraFranklin1 Tue 28-Jul-15 01:57:47

It sounds like Invitation to The Game by Monica Hughes.

I have a copy and re-read it recently!

blackheartsgirl Tue 28-Jul-15 14:51:12

Thats it!!! Thank you smile ive just ordered it on Amazon so looking forward to reading it

UrethraFranklin1 Tue 28-Jul-15 15:07:04

You're welcome. Come back and let me know if you enjoyed re-reading it wink

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