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Book recommendations for 12-year-old girl

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anyquestions Sat 18-Jul-15 00:00:00

Looking for some holiday reading recommendations for DD who has just turned 12. Based on a previous recommendation from a MNer we discovered the Casson family books by Hilary McKay, which DD absolutely loved, so much so that she has been re-reading some of them. In contrast, she is very definite that she does not want to read The Hunger Games. I would say that generally she prefers books with female characters, but that's not to say that she would reject out of hand a book where the main characters were male.

DD has told be I did a great job finding her holiday reading last summer, and she is hoping I'll do the same again! I am keen to live up to the challenge, so recommendations appreciated!

alexpolistigers Sat 18-Jul-15 12:15:22

Try this:

series with strong girl character

or this:

fab historical fiction focussing on teenage girl

Howcanitbe Sat 18-Jul-15 12:19:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Booksteensmagazines Sat 18-Jul-15 13:27:41

Poppy series by Mary Hooper (set in WW1)

Girl Missing series by Sophie McKenzie (adventure, mystery)

She is Not Invisible by Marcus Sedgwick (mystery/adventure)

The Diaries of Bluebell Gadsby by Natasha Farrant (funny, family drama, issues)

Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve (dystopian future world but not like Hugner Games)

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke (fantasy, book loving)

All Fall Down by Sally Nicholls (historical - the plague)

Buffalo Soldier by Tanya Landman (Carnegie winner - quite a long epic story but very strong female lead character, historical but a bit of a tough read)

fredabear Sat 18-Jul-15 13:35:26

Mine enjoying these by Anne Cassidy also Louise Rennison Tallulah books

fredabear Sat 18-Jul-15 13:36:01

and geek girl series Holly Smale

anyquestions Sat 18-Jul-15 21:35:16

Thank you for all the recommendations smile

Takver Sun 19-Jul-15 17:09:40

Beswitched by Kate Saunders
I'd Tell You I Love you But Then I'd Have to Kill You + sequels (spy school for girls - less teenagery than it sounds)
Etiquette and Espionage + sequels by Gail Carriger (steampunk spy school for girls grin - but not the Parasol Protectorate series by the same author which is aimed at adults)
Eva Ibbotson if she hasn't already read them - Journey to the River Sea etc
Might she like the Flambards books? There's nice new editions in the Puffin Classics series

anyquestions Sun 19-Jul-15 23:43:16

Thanks again for the recommendations. Have been googling them this evening and found some that I think DD will really like.

BlueChampagne Mon 20-Jul-15 16:51:39

The Little White Horse
Cider with Rosie

emmaMBC Tue 21-Jul-15 09:24:56

I'd highly recommend Rooftoppers - it's a real hit with this age group.

BlueChampagne Tue 21-Jul-15 12:53:36

Jasper Fforde's "The Last Dragonslayer"

mrsmortis Wed 22-Jul-15 14:40:35

Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett
Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey
Sabriel by Garth Nix
The Circle of Magic books by Tamora Pierce
Stone Heart by Charlie Fletcher (this one has a boy protagonist)

All of the above are gateway drugs grin

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