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childrens reading for dyslexics

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handybook Mon 13-Jul-15 20:51:06

Dyslexic children make up over 10% of school pupils and reading is often almost impossible or at best difficult and avoided. There is now a new cheap app on android tablets or phones called handybook that has been developed by specialist dyslexia experts & SEN teachers to make reading easy.
Dyslexics can read eBooks or documents with the £4.95 down load and school tests show it can improve reading by up to 650% & concentration time by 300%. See for details or follow on facebook or twitter @HandyLtd
Some schools are now having all there reading material rendered onto tablets with handybook app and parents of registered dyslexic kids can insist their school does to. Its new so most SEN teachers have not heard of it so spread the word and help our kids read with ease!

princessedior Tue 14-Jul-15 19:16:13

I have been a Dyslexia specialist for the last 11 years and I have been using this app with my students for 6 months. As well as being user friendly the different coloured background, changeable fonts, highlighter bar and audible dictionary have made reading time less of a battle and on the whole an entirely more pleasurable experience...for my students and for me...

I am constantly looking for new ways to inspire and encourage my students to read more and there is nothing as good out there to make reading that little bit easier and the price of it is an absolute bargain!

The other useful extra of this product is that Handy App will put any worksheets and classroom sheets into a format that can also be used in conjunction with the app.

All I can say is that over the last 6 months, I have noticed a massive change in the willingness of my students to read, how well they read and what they understand.

If it can make a difference for others like it has for my students then it has to be worth getting the word out there!!

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