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Come as a book character - help please

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aprilshowerssoon Mon 29-Jun-15 21:39:02

My daughter aged 11 needs to go to school as a book character at the beginning of next week. We have no fancy dress costumes and I think she's too old to go as a fairytale/ Roald Dahl character. Has anyone got any bright ideas what we could knock together at home. It's difficult because at their age not all children read the same books and characters are not so easily recognisable. Thanks very much.

ppolly Mon 29-Jun-15 22:15:34

Does it have to be recognisable by everyone? I seem to remember some yr 6 Hunger Games characters at our book day, but they also dressed as Matilda, The Cat in the Hat, The Mad Hatter and many others. They weren't too bothered by the age appropriateness of it.

DeeWe Mon 29-Jun-15 22:37:52

Boy's shorts (just plain blue or something) and shirt, hair tucked into cap as George from Famous Five.

Old pair of school trousers cut ragged and ragged top: Oliver

Black skirt and t-shirt with white apron (you can make one out of a white pillow case) Hetty Feather.

Just ordinary clothes and a scowl on her face, carrying a notebook: Tracy Beaker.

aprilshowerssoon Tue 30-Jun-15 06:56:27

Anyone? Thanks in advance.

aprilshowerssoon Tue 30-Jun-15 06:58:19

Sorry your replies have just popped up. Thanks for this.

Leeds2 Tue 30-Jun-15 15:42:28

Pippi Longstocking is very easy. Shortish skirt, top in any colour, one long sock and one short. Carry a toy monkey if you have one.

Tracy Beaker should be doable, although I can't remember the colour of her clothes.

Where's Wally? if you have a red and white striped jumper.

Preminstreltension Wed 01-Jul-15 20:00:51

We've had success with the same costume repurposed for Dorothy, Bobbie from Railway Children and Alice in Wonderland. You need a pretty dress and a white pinafore over it. For Dorothy I actually used the school summer uniform dress which happens to be blue gingham. Any chance you have any of these?

Or pippi is easy to put together. somone at school was Gangsta Granny last year which was cool.

emmaMBC Thu 02-Jul-15 09:33:21

Here you go .... my personal favourite is Wocket in the Pocket, as I am slightly challenged in the sewing department!!

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