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What are your avid 8-year-old readers enjoying?

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justtootired Fri 12-Jun-15 08:59:00

Hi folks. Dd, 8, has just discovered Jacqueline Wilson and is devouring book after book. What else would you recommend for this age group?

AliceDoesntLiveHereAnymore Fri 12-Jun-15 09:00:27

My 8yo ds1 is reading his way (rather quickly) through the Time Hunters series. And he has a massive shelf full of probably every fact book known to man. hmm

ShutUpLegs Fri 12-Jun-15 09:05:36

DD1 is 8 rising 9 and her current obsessions are:

Anne of Green Gables
Famous Five
THe Little White Horse
Swallows and Amazons
The Roman Mysteries by Caroline Lawrence

She has just gone through the first Harry Potter in two days so I can see what the next obsession will be.

getinthesea Fri 12-Jun-15 09:07:01

If she's anything like DD, she will be re-reading JW for some time. Nothing does quite the same trick. (But do watch out, there are some very teenage ones that have the same Nick Sharratt covers - one had even made it into the school library - which are not suitable AT ALL).

At the moment, DD also likes David Walliams, and is reading a series of quite grown up fairy books, the first one is called The Various. She also likes the My Story history books. I will ask her properly when she gets back from school. We did find a good series which is written by an Irish author, which is also about girls and friendship, hopefully she'll remember it better than me.

There was also a great murder mystery set in a girls school, and Beswitched, also about a girls school. And the JW Four Children and It led her on to reading all the E Nesbit books too.

DeeWe Fri 12-Jun-15 10:52:14

Ds turned 8yo a few days ago.

He's currently reading through Malcolm Saville's Lone Pine Series. He's currently on about number 15/20.
He also likes the aeroplane books titled "The <insert aircraft name> Story" by Peter March. And Horrible Histories and anything WWII or plane related.
He's also enjoyed a selection of books by Arthur Ransome, Geoffrey Trease, Monica Edwards and Violet Needham. Didn't really get on with Famous Five but loved the adventure series.

TheyreMadITellYouMaaaad Fri 12-Jun-15 15:21:15

The original Paddington Bear series. (Ds hated the film, but loves the books.)
The Wizard of Oz
My Brother's Famous Bottom series
Mr Gumm series
Ratburger (tho didn't care for Gangsta Granny)
Dd fell in love with Oscar Wilde's fairy tales at that age, still re-reads them at 12yo. Ditto Beatrix Potter.
Peter Pan
E Nesbit

Linds53 Fri 12-Jun-15 17:03:06

Borrowers books by Mary Norton are great. What about Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House books? And Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh is wonderful.

justtootired Fri 12-Jun-15 22:02:20

Many thanks! Off to library tmrw smile

Notapassingphase Fri 12-Jun-15 22:08:20

My 8 year old DTs are devouring Diary of a Wimpy Kid - both have read the first 3 books in a week - which is a reading speed neither of them have managed for any other series.
We are also collectively on book 5 of Harry Potter.
They also raced through every David Walliams book, but some help with audio books on those.
DD1 at this age did all the classics (all the E Nesbit books for instance) but not all DC can be bothered.

schmalex Sat 13-Jun-15 06:06:19

She might also like Cathy Cassidy or Hilary McKay if she likes JW.

TheGirlOnTheLanding Sat 13-Jun-15 07:54:18

The Mysterious Benedict Society series.
How to train your dragon

FernGullysWoollyPully Sat 13-Jun-15 07:58:44

Diary of a wimpy kid here too for 8 year DS. He's just got Dark Mouth as well. Can't recall the author but its about a boy who fights monsters.

Heckler Sat 13-Jun-15 16:21:35

DD is currently loving Millie Slavidou books. She raced through Dragons Rock.

Will put a link to it when I have my laptop.

BlueChampagne Sat 13-Jun-15 21:46:30

Harry Potter
Swallows and Amazons
Green Smoke
101 Dalmatians
Charlotte's Web

Pikkewyn Sat 13-Jun-15 21:50:43

DD is loving the Ottoline series and Goth Girl, she also loved Madame Pamplemousse and the incredible edibles. She re-reads the Ottoline and Goth Girl books whenever she finishes one book and is waiting for another.

itsnothingoriginal Sat 13-Jun-15 21:56:50

DD loves JW too!

Recently she's been reading the Tom Gates books and loving them and all the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

Michael Morpurgo has also been a big hit - we've enjoyed Homecoming, Kaspar Prince of cats and Waiting for Anya.

Also worth trying Princess Mirabelle if you haven't already and Opal Moonbaby!

Some good recommendations here - I will look out for them as DD also an avid reader.

SolemnStollen Sat 13-Jun-15 21:58:26

My DFriend's DD just read The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow by Katherine Woodfine and loved it, I think it's Enid Blyton / Malcolm Savile esque mystery. Great to have DCs who love reading, I'm aiming to encourage this!

chaletdays Sat 13-Jun-15 22:15:05

The Mary Poppins books
Enid Blyton's Five find outers
The Narnia books

chaletdays Sat 13-Jun-15 22:15:46

Try her on Malory Towers as well. They seem to transcend all generations.

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